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Laura Donnelly Talks Outlander ***SPOILERS***


Recently, Fashion & Style had the pleasure of sitting down with "Outlander" actress Laura Donnelly, who plays Jenny Fraser, the older sister of Sam Heughan's character Jamie on STARZ's new hit television show.

In this exclusive interview, Donnelly dished on what it is like to work on-set with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as well as a few spoilers regarding Jenny Fraser's role at the end of Season One as well.

When asked if Jenny will have a larger role at the end of Season One and perhaps even Season Two as well, Donnelly informed Fashion & Style that her character will be involved in the events that occur in the middle of the Season.

"Jamie comes home to Lollybroch where Jenny is running the household in his absence. While I can't say anything about Season Two, I do know that Jenny is in all of the novels."

The Belfast-born actress also revealed that she's only read the first book in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series and discussed the challenges of adapting a novel into a television show.

Donnelly told Fashion & Style "the advantage of playing a character adapted from a novel means that you get much more information about them than you would in a script."

She went on to point out "a novel delves into the inner world of a character" and reveals both their thoughts and feelings, which "can be really useful for an actor."

Finally, the Irish actress dished on what it is like to work alongside such talented co-stars like Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam Heughan.

Donelly had nothing but praise for the three main "Outlander" stars and added that the "entire cast and crew are lovely." She also informed Fashion & Style that she's known Heughan since college and added that "it is a rare pleasure to get to work with an old friend."

Meanwhile, Donnelly mused on Balfe's work ethic and told us that we'll be getting a lot of Claire and Jenny interaction when "Outlander" returns in April 2015 as well!

The Belfast native teased us by saying she got to spend a lot of time with Balfe onset because "we have many scenes together" and gushed over her co-star, adding "she's brilliant!"

Donnelly also noted that Balfe "works harder than anyone else on set." Although she has a strong work ethic, the "Outlander" star always maintains her friendly demeanor and is "a joy to be around!"

Menzies is no slouch on set either, adds Donnelly. She informed Fashion&Style that he is an incredibly talented actor and "it's very exciting to work with him."

Despite the fact that Menzies and the Belfast-born actress had to film some tough scenes together, Donnelly had nothing but high praise for her co-star.

"Even though we had some difficult scenes together, he always made sure that I was comfortable during filming." She revealed.

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