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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x10 Podcast (ft. Ira Steven Behr)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

  • Ira is writing 2x10

  • No major changes to the story from original outline to script.

  • Ira originally opened the show between Claire and Laoghaire, but Director Richard Clark asked to begin to the show with “oral affection”.

  • Ira originally had it written that Claire told Jamie not to stop when there was a knock at the door, but the women in the writer’s room convinced him to switch it to Jamie, that it was more romantic. OP Note: CORRECT

  • Ira was the on set creative producer for 1x09 and 1x10, which was shot before The Wedding.

  • It took some time for Sam to get comfortable shooting the sex scenes.

  • Ira loves that Claire is right on her game despite just being in the after glow, that she can transition immediately into talking politics.

  • The “Petition of Complaint” was made up for the show in order to give Simon Callow meatier scenes.

  • The writers pronounce Laoghaire in a bunch of different ways in the writer’s room.

  • The scene with Ned, Jamie and Murtagh is in the hall because production couldn’t afford to build Ned an office.

  • There were a few lines that were dropped about Murtagh not trusting lawyers.

  • Ira’s favorite part about working on the show is writing the episodes, especially ones like the Claire/Laoghaire interaction.

  • Ron's favorite part is breaking the show in the writer's room, and then cutting the show after its shot. He doesn't look forward to writing as much.

  • Originally after the slap it was "sorry, I shouldn't have done that" but Cait changed it to "I shouldn't have done that. Sorry." to show she didn't really mean it. Ira loves that she did that.

  • The scene of Geillis dancing was meant to be shot in winter but they moved the shooting schedule to May to save Lotte from the elements.

  • Ira talks about painful process of figuring out what the dance was going to be, it kept being too choreographed. They stripped it back a lot so it felt more natural and Lotte got really into it.

  • Ron talks about the prosthetic belly, figuring out exactly how pregnant she should be took awhile.

  • Ira felt that Lotte brought a lot of seductiveness to the scene and that any moment it felt like she could kiss Claire.

  • Ira finds the idea of these men that we never see in a relationship (Dougal) as being in a relationship is intriguing.

  • The entire day shooting the walk through the forest and the changeling scene was cold and wet but no one complained.

  • Theme during the episode where Moira (Dougal's wife) gets shit talked about by different characters.

  • The conversation between Frank and Reverand Wakefield was shot months after the pilot, and then integrated later.

  • Ira says the hardest thing about writing is integrating exposition.

  • The changeling went in and out of the script a lot, and went into another episode for a bit. Finally they decided they needed it in 1x10.

  • The changeling scene looked false and cringeworthy in dailies because the baby looked fake. Ira can't say it's his favorite scene of the episode.

  • Everyone on Production carried the baby doll as if it were a real baby, Ron talks about how it's an interesting human reaction.

  • Ira says Sam does a great job in the changeling scene and that "as a guy, part of him is really trying to care but just wants to get back to the castle for more good sex" (paraphrased).

  • All of Simon Callow's interior scenes were done in one day. Watching Cait, Sam, & Duncan watching him was fun to see for Ira, because they all loved to be in the scenes with Simon.

  • They both say Simon brought his A game and was such a pro, especially considering it was only a two day shoot for him and a rather small part.

  • Ira got the idea for Sandringham's biographer following him around from when Ira's sister knew someone who was following around John Belushi in the 80's and was the only one allowed to take photos of him. Someone who really thinks of themselves as a celebrity would think they deserved this.

  • Ron talked to Diana a few times about Sandringham and where his interests really were, and she said he is just in it for himself.

  • Ira was really involved with developing Angus and Rupert as characters.

  • Ira wishes he could re-write the Dougal scene so that the guys fighting with Dougal came in later to the scene so they weren't just standing around. He thinks it feels staged.

  • Graham is a very physically imposing presence, in real life as well.

  • Ron loves how Gary says "get this drunken fool out of here".

  • It was originally supposed to be just Angus and Rupert carrying Dougal out of the room but on the day they realized there was no way just the two of them could lift him.

  • On the cutting room floor: banter between the Duke and Murtagh. Ira hates cutting anything with Murtagh, Rupert or Angus.

  • "Everyone is in love with Jamie" *Ron laughs*

  • Director Richard Clark wanted birds to fly out of the pie at the banquet so they shot two versions, one without and one with a placeholder for CGI birds where everyone exclaims. They ended up not using it but... Ira says three weeks later he was watching Game of Thrones "and they cut up a freaking pie and birds come out!". But Ira/Ron are glad they didn't use it because everyone would think it was copying GoT.

  • Ira directed the close ups of Dougal during the banquet.

  • Ron still doesn't think there is enough of Geillis and Arthur at the banquet to set up the fact that they are there before he dies.

  • Ira says it was not "our finest moment" and that he had to remind RIchard to get the shots of Geillis looking at Dougal, who is being looked at Colum, etc... "It was a very, very difficult day". OP Note: It sounds like he didn't love Richard Clark, or at least was at odds with him, which makes me sad.

  • Ira did a lot of research on dueling etiquette and the gun shots used in the shot were real. The horses freaking out was real.

  • Ira and Ron wanted the swordfight to be more like a brawl and to be sloppy not super choregraphed. They both love how it turned out.

  • Sam was really looking forward to shooting the swordfight.

  • They cut the scene where an angry Murtagh came to get Jamie, but there were a bunch of blood stains around him from where the MacDonalds were injured.

  • Also cut was Claire telling Jamie not to go to the duel, so when he does, it explains why she's so angry - but they decided they didn't need it.

  • Cait accidentally jabbed Sam with a needle during filming the stitch up scene.

  • Ira says Richard was very, very good with the actors, especially with getting Gary to come at Dougal so ferociously.

  • The studio and the network wanted to change the rest of the scenes in the episode quite a bit, driving Ira quite a bit batty.

  • Eventually they landed on Jamie kind of knowing Claire would feel compelled to help Geillis and telling her not to. But they kept questioning about if the note was necessary and etc, etc... They were re-writing ADR lines, cutting stuff in the edit, and it bled into 1x11 as well.

  • Ira says this is one of the rare times where the studio did not back down and they wanted to the note and to paint Laoghaire as deceptive. Ron felt the note was not necessary and that Claire should just go to Geillis and warn her about the danger since Jamie told her she was.

  • They shot parts of Geillis and Claire in the house while shooting 1x15 and 1x16. Then Laoghaire smirking and Claire in the back of the wagon at the very end of shooting the entire season, and was Cait's last scene.

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