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In the 415: Hanging with Mr. Moore

The internet was such a mess at my job today and the result was me sip sipping some wine around 4pm and playing Nancy Drew with co-workers to determine where a really foul, rotting smell was coming from within our office. In case you are wondering, we never located the source.

Anyway, around 4:45 I busted out my phone to check Twitter and noticed a pic of Ron at A&T Park. I am anti-Giants so I just rolled my eyes and kept scrolling. Then I noticed he said he'd buy any fan who came to Public House a drink. Now, I won't tell y'all where I work, but it's really close to AT&T Park & Public House so I hightailed it over to the stadium.

When I arrived, I wandered around a bit and found him all by his lonesome. I was glad that I'd already had a bit to drink. I was nervous and super smiley and it would have been even worse if I'd not had some vino already.

"Are you Ron Moore?"
"I love Outlander and I saw your tweet!"
"Hey! So good of you to come!"
"Thank you! You're so sweet! I'm part of this fansite called O-N-T-D, sorry, I've never said it out loud before. Oh No They Didn't Sassenach! Can you give us a shout out??" *I repeat it a few more times*

I was nervous so excuse me for not filming it in landscape.

Then he bought me an Old Fashioned. I'm really no weakling, but it was very strong. I gushed about the show, Terry, Sam, Cait, and Lotte a bit while our drinks were being prepared. He had a dirty martini. Then it was time to get down to business.

Things we talked about. I talk really fast, so you can see below just some of the stuff we covered in less than a half hour:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • Roger and Bree: He said they truly haven't been cast, but he got a little shifty-eyed, so I don't know if I'm convinced.

  • Lord John: I asked if he was a Lord John fan as a segue into talking about season 2. We both really like LJG and he said that he considered his small scene in season 2 really important to the narrative of the season and everything that follows. They're still working out what they're going to do casting-wise (two different actors to play Young John and Old John vs. just one actor to play both).

  • Food: He likes the restaurant The Slanted Door just as much as I do. His kids really love the cotton candy there. It's ace, FYI. Just don't order it when it's mint flavored.

  • Scotland: He's going back in two days. He told me Terry texted him after his tweet and said he was going to get ambushed at Public House, but miraculously I was the only one who came.

  • The NYC Premiere: I commisserated with him on the NYC premiere issues. I plan events and also never expect everyone who RSVP'd to show up. I told him fenchurchly said he was a total sweetheart to the fans at that event. Also, I mentioned all of the cast's bodyguards and asked if it was hard for Sam to adjust to so many horny women grabbing at him. Ron said he takes it in stride but it's definitely been a big adjustment, not only for Sam but for all the cast.

  • My finale theory: Okay, y'all may or may not know my theory about the end of the season. I've said before that it would make for a good ending to season 1 if[Spoiler (click to open)]Claire's voiceovers turned out to have been her telling her story to Roger and Bree in the 1960's, and we'd finish the episode with that reveal. Well, Ron got to hear my theory too. He was surprisingly candid in his reply and made me swear not to share what he told me until after season 1 was over. So, my lips are sealed until then.

ETA (on 5/29): He revealed that this was the exact finale ending he originally wrote, but he had to change it. For what it's worth, I'm not sure why he had to change it.

  • California: We both dislike LA. He told me he's from Chowchilla. I was just telling my coworkers a couple weeks ago about the Chowchilla bus burial and when I shared this with him he told me his uncle was the one driving the bus!! He said that as a kid he thought it was the best thing ever getting to see his uncle on Hollywood Squares.

  • Diana: I came right out with it: Is she a difficult person? He gave the company line. Before any Compuserve people come for me, I am absolutely a Diana fan (both her books and her bluntness) and she's maybe my favorite writer. But that doesn't mean it's all rainbows and sunshine behind the scenes.

  • How I became an Outlander fan? I told him how I happened upon the LA fan gathering on Youtube and wound up watching one weekend while eating lunch. Then I read all the books. He was really shocked that in the span of a year I'd managed to read everything Diana's written. That's when I wore my Hermione Granger beam.

  • Season 2: They are filming it in 5 blocks of two and 1 block of 3. He says it's tricky because they will wind up filming in France, and of course a whole bunch of the first three scripts takes place in Paris. What's going to happen is they are going to film only the Scotland bits now and then at the very end of filming they'll go film all the French exterior scenes. The result, he said, is that the first three episodes will be wrapped, for now, in the same amount of time as two episodes would have been. They'll circle back to all the stuff in France at the end.

  • Characters in Season 2: We'll definitely get Louise, Master Raymond, Fergus, and Prince Charlie. He mentioned all of them while talking about season 2.

  • Episode 1x11: We talked about how great Lotte is and I explained why I found the witch trial on the show better than the book. I told him how worried fans had been about the scene at the stones and that I liked it, but had issues with it. He asked what those issues were. I told him I was glad he cut the VO but that I didn't like the fade to black. He asked if I felt the fade to black was a narrative cheat. No, I said, Mrs. Fitz slapping Claire in a dream was a narrative cheat. TBH, I said, I hadn't thought about why I didn't like the fade to black, only that it didn't sit well with me that we don't see the sort of epiphany on Claire's face. I told him I didn't like the music at the end of the episode either. When he asked why not, I told him I found it OTT, such that it took me out of the moment, but that I love Bear McCreary's music in general, and that it did accomplish his aim of making the final scene stand out as a true happy ending. I did tell him how much I loved episode 11 overall.

  • The Giants: I told him I'm not a fan.  #stomperforever

[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • "Wouldn't it be great if Geillis and Murtagh's storylines deviated completely from the books in the future?" He said that he also really wished that Geillis got to be a part of the story in the later books. When I asked how much we'd see of her in Season 2, he assurred me Geillis would get her 1960's backstory told and they weren't going to leave it on the cutting room floor.

  • "What about that scene with Jamie in the brothel?

"Which one? He goes to a lot of brothels in Paris."
"The one where he comes home with hickeys on his thighs. And he and Claire have sex in the bathroom."
"That'll be in the next season. Most of the scenes you guys consider big, we in the writers room
do too."

  • "Sorry [not sorry] I'm pumping you for information, Ron!!"

"Don't worry about it, you're not." (even though I was)

We talked about more but I can't remember. If I recall anything important then I'll absolutely share. All in all we talked for almost a half hour, I'd say. He was incredibly kind and made me love the show even more than I already do. Slainte, Ron!!!

Oh, and here's my face.

Sorry, I can't format worth a shit so thank you for putting up with this post.
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