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Previously on... Outlander: Episode 9 - The Reckoning

The Reckoning
The Fuckening weatherspoon10

This episode is brought to you by Visit Scotland. Come for the scenery, stay for the accents. kreidy

this episode real title is:

jamie talking about his hard life of white man
THE STRUGGLE tusiaczek87
I don't care what he's saying. Just keep talking, Jamie todaysgoneby
I just love the rock-skipping....so beautifully filmed. flippet

Look at this dodgy Horrocks. You can never trust those Irish guys! mea_culpa2
NGL, I'd take Horrocks' coat though. flippet

Jamie's "Claire" was everything! mandersonmsp
go get ya girl jamie! the_scampool

this title card is EVERYTHING tusiaczek87

We should have an entire episode of Jamie putting the kilt. alexana303

BAMF BOSS JAMMF + Thighs = awesome mandersonmsp

That opening shot of the fort is like a fucking painting. flippet
J & M TO THE RESCUE! tusiaczek87

Murtagh's singsongy 'thank you' is so great.flippet
That bird noise Jamie does makes me laugh so much for some reason. mea_culpa2

JAMMF being the bad ass he was born to be! mea_culpa2

Rope of Plot Convenience.... carminaburana
That rope must be how Black Jack gets his contraband deliveries. flippet

I love how he's like "welp, guess I gotta do this to get my girl" fenchurchly
If you ain't willing to get rope and carpet burns, you ain't in love. mandersonmsp

jamie rescuing claire...sexily tusiaczek87
pretty much everything jamie does is done sexily. todaysgoneby

Wish the music here was more foreboding. Feels like something out of Zelda summerstar882

leave claire alone you fucking bastard tusiaczek87
oh BJR. you are so fantastic. i hate you and love you. todaysgoneby
BJR gets very Cap'n James Hook, there.... flippet

Claire I don't doubt it when BJ says he's going to cut a bitch so cool it with the antagonizing mandersonmsp
yes jack you WOULD like a threesome rn tusiaczek87
"who is the man in this marriage?"
OH BURN! di_elle

Jamie's face when the gun fails to fire. LASKJFDLASDFKJ todaysgoneby
BJRs face! mea_culpa2

......and then they drowned.
Story over, goodbye.
.......wait, they didn't? What? flippet

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Uh oh. Here we go.

Oh, Jamie. Order Claire? You'll learn.... todaysgoneby
This fight really is vicious af.

Bitch that slap was reals unnecessary mandersonmsp

Claire is like the Ross of Outlander "I WAS ON A WALK" mandersonmsp
Spoiler alert - Outlander will end with Jamie getting off the plane horse. kreidy

god they are sooooooo hawt in this scene
they should just fuck right there in that forest tusiaczek87
they are practically fucking each other with words herenursgrrl
Foreplay between five head and Shamrock Bae mandersonmsp

Jamie system error
Jamie shutting down di_elle
rebooting in safe mode. kiddisaster83

Awwww the big fellas giving it to me right in the feels. I can think of another place I'd like him to give it to me.
Ahem, what? mandersonmsp

You ain't gonna feel sorry for long, gurl ama_blue
that silent treatment is so childish tusiaczek87
Claire really doesn't get it.....she wants to "thank" them for rescuing her - but she still hasn't *apologized*. flippet

Yeah, Jamie. Take marriage advice from your unmarried godfather. Very clever. kreidy
jamie u dumb dumb tusiaczek87

Aw. She looks awful, all curled up in that bed. :-( And Jamie does look pretty sympathetic as he enters the room. flippet
she just wants Jamie hugs. In bed. mea_culpa2

LOL, Jamie. He thinks this is going to be a non-issue. todaysgoneby

TBF I sense no anger in Jamie. mandersonmsp
He is just mirroring the behavior of his own father, punishing him as a child. todaysgoneby
He says 'you know fein well what I mean' - he honestly thinks that she understands spankings.
Oh, Jamie. You poor sweet innocent newborn baby. flippet

Yassss you fight back you Sassy Sassenach!!! mandersonmsp
Use your elbows Claire *Obi-Wan Kenobi voice* angedesoir
Yes Claire, kill him!

"justice done, problem solved"
oh Jamie... di_elle
Sweet summer child gisse_p

NHF LEEEEERY! carminaburana
Mrs Fitz will you be my grandma?? I love you Scottish Mrs Patmore mandersonmsp
Mrs Fitz is so excited her otp became canon
if he could Colum would ship Claire with Fred lbr tusiaczek87
Even her own Granny doesn't want the bitch Laoghaire to get Jamie. Says it all really!! mea_culpa2

Teenage life ain't easy. angedesoir
Have some pride girl. It wasn't like Jamie was the only one she was making out with.. summerstar882
He was trying to be nice but she won't take a hint. kreidy

Ugggghhhh Jamie you needed to be firm with her and then go be a different firm with your wife who YOU LOVE. mandersonmsp

Colum is nhf any of this
LOL Jamie has a black eye. angedesoir
And scratched on his cheek #teamclaire mandersonmsp

"you three weasels"
colum reading them to filth tusiaczek87

Dougal is not doing himself any favors as a successor candidate.... carminaburana
"i've even assured your bloodline!" oh shit he went there! honesttoblog

Jamie seems a student called in the principal office here... di_elle

i can't get over how hot jamie looks in this episode tusiaczek87

I love Ned playing the innocent and trying to kiss his ass the whole time. mea_culpa2
He may be physically weaker than Ned, Dougal and Jamie, but Colum just laid down the law and showed them who's boss. Bravo! kreidy

Ginger Gossip Girl! (TM notsoimmortal)
claire be like - I CALLED THAT IN SECOND EPISODE! tusiaczek87

Jamie with his hand going to his throat and waistcoat....practically licking his lips looking at his wife.... flippet
Maybe this would be a good time for horsey......?
Poor naïve JAMMF mea_culpa2


LOL. Jamie learns the meaning of "you sleep on the couch tonight." todaysgoneby
Sorry, buddy. a TMZ-tartan scoop won't get you back into Claire's good graces. kreidy

Snow Jamie. Drool. mea_culpa2

Jamie+Snow = OTP (TM mandersonmsp )
so so so pretty. di_elle
firelight's feeling are hurt by your comment.
jamie + firelight = OTP! kiddisaster83

I'm annoyed with how quickly Angus and Rupert turn against Jamie and Murtugh. todaysgoneby
Murtagh gives zero fucks about Dougal's threats.kreidy

Dudes love to pee on walls mandersonmsp
it's an age old ritual. angedesoir

"Leave her then"
How dare you Murtagh, you're the captain of this ship. mea_culpa2
'Spoken like the un-wed man ye are'
Oh, Jamie, like YOU have all the experience now. Bwah ha ha. flippet

jamie being mediator...sexily tusiaczek87

LOL ask a Scot to give up his gold. *giggle* angedesoir

ned your brown nose is showing :') tusiaczek87
:( Don't hate on Ned. angedesoir

You guys BOOBGATE2015 is approaching! mandersonmsp

Pity + sexual frustration is not a great combo carminaburana
Laoghaire just needs to get over it. alexana303
Where does L think this is going to go though? He's married whether he like it or not mea_culpa2

Leghair's fatal mistake: Jamie is an ass man! the_scampool
i needed to do something!
grabbing this teen boob sounds like a great idea! tusiaczek87

Nell's boobs are pretty amazing tho. fenchurchly


the Outlander fandom kreidy

Look at Jamie maturing before our very eyes. todaysgoneby
this is the day jamie became feminist god bless tusiaczek87
Aww, J. Peace is more important than custom. Yeah, bb. flippet

I love how Jamie's actually excited about this 'new way' he's proposing to Claire. Sweet bae. flippet
The "do you not want me anymore" line breaks my heart. todaysgoneby
he pulled back from her hand before he realized it was going for his heart-- i thought he was thinking, 'oh please don't hit me again.' kiddisaster83
Awwww that or he thought she no wanted him anymore. He was putting himself out there and she was making him work for it. mandersonmsp

Claire thinks she shouldn't want Jamie. He thinks it's because she is still mad at him about the punishment. But we know it is because she has this whole other life.todaysgoneby
oof, it's so much worse when you realize he only thinks it's him. kiddisaster83

it's what you should want but dick too bomb honesttoblog
She only relents when he threatens to take away the D carminaburana

Aw, sweet love. He'd put all his hopes and dreams into getting back to Lallybroch.... flippet
The key to Lallybroch is also the key to Claires pussy, that's funny jamie must use the same locksmith for everything mandersonmsp

What #PERVNATION was waiting for
[#pervnation NSFW]

sorry my hands will be busy rn tusiaczek87

Jesus Christ

"Ride ye I will"-said Claire ama_blue

Mrs. Fraser was reading him those rights and waxing the dangalang!! A multitasking sis!! afropunkchic_03

Should have recorded my roomies reactions during the sex

"Heyyyyy they're having fucking sex!"
"Are they dating in real life? They gotta be dating!"
"This is porn!"
"Now I know why you like this show"
"He's sucking on her tit like a newborn baby"
"Shit! He legit just tongue marked her there"
"Fuck me. That was hot."


Jamie, doing the horizontal mambo doesn’t actually involve dancing with your shoulders to some kind of Scottish Marvin Gaye. You know that, right? kreidy

They both make a little noise/laugh after they roll over. Super hot. mea_culpa2
That simultaneous orgasm? Bra-fucking-vo!!! mandersonmsp

The rocking/swaying violin here is perfect. flippet
I love how the music swells after she drops the dirk and rides his dick mandersonmsp

THE SEX SCENE WAS EVERYTHING!!! (All caps needed). Those noises. That sucking. Claire being a boss.

His hands are enorme mea_culpa2

I love how HUGE her smile is here. She's so happy being with Jamie in this moment, happier than we've ever seen her before. emmbright
Oh god, he's so cute, asking about 'fucking'. flippet
Love his impression of her here. They're so cute and all over each other mandersonmsp

I was all, "awww" and then my husband reminded me of some silly thing he saw about booping your cat's nose to establish dominance. He said something like, "See, Jamie knows how to master his wife...boop." thecuratrix

10 out of 10, no Frank. ana_dea

Fuck I need a cigarette after that. fenchurchly

gif mostly by chapmangrl

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