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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x11 Podcast (ft. Toni Graphia)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

  • Ron forgets the episode title (fail).

  • Toni loves Glasgow and brought Glaswegian whisky, and loves where her name is in the credits.

  • Toni found the title card scene (starlings murmuration) on YouTube! And they found appropriate stock footage.

  • The thieve's hole was created on sound stages.

  • Originally, the show opened with Ned begging Colum to intervene with the trial, and then later there was a scene with Ned telling Colum that Claire "got away" and both were cut for time.

  • Ron was concerend a bit about Point of View with the above scenes scenes since neither Claire nor Jamie would be present.

  • Toni saw this episode as a love story between two women (Geillis and Claire) who are drawn together despite their love and hate relationship.

  • Toni wanted to "write this or I'll die", regarding the witch trial. Says it was her favorite chapter in the book. Says Anne Kenney volunteered for The Wedding right away and Toni was happy because it opened her path for this.

  • Two days were spent shooting in the thieve's hole and it was claustrophobic.

  • When they exit the hole, they are entering a town that was physically in a different location, so there was some "movie magic" to make it seem like they were climbing a long ladder. Toni has some funny pictures of Lotte and Cait making this work visually.

  • Ron scouted the location of the town first, even before Starz picked up the series.

  • Toni ran into Ron's office panicked when she realized witch trials were outlawed by the mid 18th century, and Ron turned into into an opportunity where Ned can cite the Witchcraft Act of 1735.

  • The church was a real church that was crumbling, and production did restoration work. Shot for 8 days inside the church.

  • Ron loves how the extras were directed as it was hot inside and they had to sit for hours. Toni says the extras said they stuck around because "we want to know what's going to happen!" as the trial was shot in sequence.

  • The episode was shot in July of 2014.

  • It was Ron's idea to add more witnesses in the trial, Toni fought against it because she knew there was "juicy stuff coming up with Claire and Jamie" and just wanted to get through it. <i>OP Note: WHAT. THE. FUCK.</i>

  • Matt Roberts directed the re-shoot of the changeling's mother seeing Claire in the forest because they wanted a more surreal affect to the memory compared to what they had shot previously.

  • Toni says they took a full day of rehearsal, which is rare, on a Saturday to block everything with witnesses and Lotte, but Cait couldn't be there. So Toni read Claire's lines but Mike Barker kept correcting her about how she should say it. Toni was slightly offended because she had written the lines. Ron says there is video.

  • Cait came up to Toni the next day and said, "I hear I'm out of a job" and Toni replied, "Yeah, I don't think so!". Toni says "[Cait] is amazing... the most talented actress I've ever worked with".

  • Bill Paterson asked to add a line when he was introduced: "rider to the signet Edinburgh" and Toni allowed it.

  • Toni added the second Thieve's Hole scene because Cait and Lotte are great together, and Toni admired Ira's 1x06 ep with just Claire and BJR playing off each other.

  • Ron says the Claire/Geillis in the Thieve's Hole conversation is the one "we've been waiting all season for".

  • Ron says that knowing Geillis is a time traveler colored the whole season - her dialogue, her clothing, she's a bit out of sync with the time - she's clearly a 60's flower child. There was a lot of discussion about when Geillis might come clean to Claire.

  • Toni says the starling reference was inpsired by Geillis's costume being nicknamed "The Raven Dress" by Terry (Ron cheekily says, "who?"). Terry had decided that "Geillis wears costumes, not clothes" but that she can never truly disguise who she is. Because of shooting order, Toni saw this dress before 1x11 was finished.

  • Ron loves Toni's moments of poetry that steps away from the action to include (Rent with Donne, for example).

  • Ron & Toni are "oddly sympathetic" toward Laoghaire. "She's young..."

  • Toni: "when you were in that room, it just felt real. We'd have to calm them down - the extras and the judges".

  • Ron wanted Father Bain to be something different: that he turns and is generous.

  • Ron still goes back and forth about Bain smiling at Claire or not.

  • Ron & Toni love the "fucking barbeque" scene which was not from the books. Ron added that line.

  • Ron wanted the line "why are you in this time?" but they realized it didn't work dramatically because they wanted to save it for the "1968" moment.

  • Ron says Claire deciding not to rat out Lotte is her returning to heroine status.

  • Some of the female extras were crying watching Claire/Cait get flogged.

  • Toni: "When Diana calls with a note, no matter how small, you do it" about Jamie swearing to protect Claire "in a church like this one" vs. "before God".

  • Lotte improvised pulling her collar off. <i>OP NOTE: YASS LOTTE YASSS</I>

  • Ron & Toni say that Lotte is fearless.

  • Ron chose to go "straight from the bedlam of the trial to the quiet of the woods" and Toni says it is so much better than the written tons of horse riding.

  • The confession/from the future scene was re-written the night before the shoot and Cait didn't think it was ready. It's Toni's favorite part of the whole book, and they let Cait improvise a bit because they trusted her.

  • Ron loves how Sam plays the scene.

  • "She's so good", "Oh, her face" - Ron & Toni's reactions to Cait. BOW.

  • The way Sam/Jamie looks back at Cait/Claire and smiles - Ron says "That to me, in that moment, is Jamie Fraser". Toni says, "that's what any woman wants, to tell a man some preposterous thing and to have them believe you". Ron: "I do that every night!"

  • "How many times did we try to get Donas in?" (meaning the name of the horse) but it never happened.

  • Ron believes Jamie decides to take Claire to the stones when he's holding her at the end of that scene.

  • Toni says "have a little more to drink!" about Ron admitting his wrongness about not including the sex scene. Toni says "you can never have too much sex between Claire and Jamie!".

  • Other guys in the room didn't believe Jamie would not just pleasure Claire without getting off himself. Toni said, "that's why Jamie is Jamie!". And Ron says, "until she goes to sleep. Deleted scene!".

  • The bit where Claire sees Craigh Na Dun for the first time was the first thing they shot in the block. Ron hates the shot and he faults VFX.

  • "Sam, I love you, I don't know why you have your sword out?" - Ron. Toni says Maril feels the same way. Toni says Jame is looking for ghosts.

  • On the way to the hotel one night, Toni spotted a guy in a huge down coat in the middle of nowhere, so she made her van stop to check if the guy needed help. The guy came to the window, pulled down a face mask and it was Sam! He said, "Oh, you know, I like to hike". Ron says, "The Sam I know had a flask [with him]". <i>LMAO</i>

  • Toni wrote a page and a half of voice over about Claire's choice. Instead, Mike Barber wanted a shot of Claire looking at her rings. Ron agreed. The shot was an insert done days after in another location.

  • Toni did the "on your feet, solder" on purpose to call back to the pilot. Ron on purpose cut a lot of dialogue Toni had included from the book.

  • Ron asked Bear to end the episode on a happy note musically.

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