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*Updated* Episode 12 "Lallybroch" Review/Recap Round-Up

Will continue to update :)

ConnieBV Outlander recap: Episode 12, Lallybroch: Don’t make Jenny have to come over and get you


PERHAPS the single most important reason I have been a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series has been that the love story is less about a romanticized version of soulmates and much more so about the messy business of what it takes to stay together, even when you’re both model-hot and crazy about each other.
Claire is now decidedly Team Fraser, but as with most newlywed couples, she has to integrate herself not only into a marriage-but a family and a lifestyle established well before her. From her arrival at Lallybroch, Claire is open and eager to learn.
Finally, some #ThingsOutlanderTaughtMe
• Lads dig older women
• Fingers can be more disturbing than you think
• Quality bannocks are worth dying for


Lightly Buzzed Recap


The show opens up with the picturesque scenery of Scotland. If Scotland ever needs a video for tourism advertisement, they got it in Outlander. We find Claire and Jamie on horseback, on the way to Lallybroch, his family home. Claire is entertaining Jamie with stories of flying airplanes of the future. It is the most at ease we have seen them together with their clothes on.
Takeaways: Drunk Jamie is my third favorite kind of Jamie. It is only third to lover and fighter Jamie.


AV Club: “It ain’t easy being laird”
Grade: A-


Outlander isn’t necessarily a different show now that Jamie knows Claire’s secret, but their relationship has changed in profound, though subtle, ways. On the surface, it’s the same: They love each other fiercely. Claire pushes against the customs and norms of this world, Jamie tells her that’s not how things are done, and they find a compromise. Jamie has always known Claire is a sassenach, but now he’s armed with more complete knowledge. “This is my family, my land, my time,” he tells Claire when she embarrasses him in front of his sister. Jamie doesn’t bend more easily now that he knows the truth; in fact, he bargains more stiffly with Claire, reinforcing that she needs to play more-or-less by the rules. She, after all, made the choice to stay here. She has to live with that choice by adjusting.

Wall Street Journal


Claire and Jamie Fraser! You’ve just escaped the bloodthirsty Cranesmuir mob, gotten past the whole “I’m from a different century” obstacle and Claire has actually decided to stay in 1743! Whaddaya gonna do now? Go join the Jacobites and try to change the future (Geillis sure would love that!)? Track down Black Jack Randall and slit his throat? Maybe go to London and check in with the Duke of Sandringham about how that whole Petition of Complaint process is going?
Oh, you’re going home? To Lallybroch. That sounds…boring…

That night, Jamie and Claire have a nice little make-up reconciliation scene themselves, although we don’t get any sort of steamy sex this time around. Boo. But more importantly, they confess their love for each other – out loud – for the first time.
And they all lived happily ever after….
YEAH RIGHT. The next morning, Claire is about to head downstairs when she notices her husband is surrounded by a group of men, one holding a pistol pointed at his chest, another warning her that she’s going to be “scrubbing his brains off the floor.” But I wouldn’t get too scared about this particular cliffhanger. Jamie getting killed by a group of raggedy Scotsmen? You know that Jack Randall wouldn’t like that one bit.

Over the course of Outlander's short run, Jamie has been the object of a sexualized gaze from men, women, and essentially any living creature with a pulse and eyeballs, and I wonder if that's part of the reason he's so universally beloved by legions of Outlanderlady readers. He is one of the few romantic heroes (and the only one who I personally know of) who understands how dehumanizing it is to be sexually objectified and preyed upon, and he struggles with not letting that define him.

New York Times—‘Outlander’ Recap: You Can’t Go Home Again

The most remarkable thing “Outlander” does every week is take experiences that its audience is used to seeing through a modern lens and reimagining them through a historical one. In “Lallybroch,” this tactic is used to examine the rite of passage of returning home after a long time away, when Jamie and Claire finally arrive at Jamie’s childhood home. For Jamie, the experience is fraught. For Claire, her challenge is to survive the challenges of meeting the in-laws.

HITFIX: Over the hills and through the vale, to 'Lallybroch' we go

But for now, I’m just going to stare lovingly at the blue wallpaper in the Fraser bedroom. It’s beautiful. Jamie recounts his few childhood memories sneaking into this forbidden room and even procures his father’s blade from under the bed. 10th century and Viking made, Claire points out with her archaeologist’s eye. QUIT TEASING ME SHOW GIVE ME FLASHBACKS TO CLAIRE’S WICKED COOL CHILDHOOD!
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