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Moja królowa* in More Magazine

New Cait photoshoot + small article

*moja królowa - my queen in polish


This August, hundreds of fans of Outlander star Caitriona Balfe will gather in Quebec City for a “Caitriots” celebration – part of the second annual series-inspired Outlandish Gathering. Since the hit show is set in Scotland, festivities will include bagpipers and a Gaelic tutorial; the event is also a fund raiser for Balfe’s favorite charity, World Child Cancer. “It’s an amazing side effect of this job,” says Balfe, 35, of the Starz show, which is based on the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon, “Not only am I doing what I love, but it’s allowed these fans to form their own community.”

Party Rob Roy, part Somewhere in Time, the series, now in the second half of season one, features Balfe as a married World War II nurse who unexpectedly time-travels to 18th-century Scotland. There she is obliged to wed – and bed – a hunky Highlander (Sam Heughan, who has his own following, the “Heughligans”). “Acting in a sex scene is less traumatic than watching them later on TV,” says Balfe, a former Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana model. “But I’m at an age where I’m comfortable with my body.”

Balfe’s personal style favors the past. “I love vintage,” she says. And she adores the retro 40’s wardrobe of her Outlander character: “The hat, the gloves, the stockings – women dressed impeccably from head to toe.”

But as any good Caitriot will tell you, Outlander’s appeal goes deeper than its closes (or female-friendly sex scenes). “You take this strong protagonist and put her into a patriarchal society where she becomes a wife without surrenduring her purpose,” says Balfe. “It’s finding that balance between knowing your mind and yet embracing the softness that can come with love. Where do those two things lie within you – tha’s what resonates with so many women.”

source: https://samcaitlife.wordpress.com/
my aesthetics tbh
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