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Round Up Post! Edition: April 17 - April 27

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Non-OL Related Resource Post (Screenshot AddOns, Image Hosts, etc...)
Jessica Chastain Stans for Outlander!
Spoiler-y 1B Promo Screen Cap
Terry Discusses 1x10 Costumes
British Actor Tweets About Audition for Season 2
Sam, Cait, Tobias & Lotte Talking Couples They Ship
DG Spoiler-y Tid Bits from Compuserve
Photo of Sam & OL Driver in Glasgow!
Photo by Matt Roberts While He Writes S2
Outlander’ Stars Talk Claire’s Choice, Geillis’ Sacrifice in ‘The Devil’s Mark
Sam's LA Marathon Flag Raisess $$$ & He Runs Into Fan at Starbucks
Sam, Cait, Ron & Gary Give Scotch Drinking Tips
Sam is Back on Set!
Bear's Blog for 1x10 and 1x11
New Photo of Sam From Interview Magazine
Gaelic Translations for 1x11
New Cait & Lotte Interviews
New DG Book 9 Daily Lines
New BTS Photo of Cait
Season 3/Book 3 Speculation Thread

Posts with Outlander News:

Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x10 Podcast (ft. Ira Steven Behr)
Sam, Cait, & Lotte Discuss 1x11 - "The Devil's Mark"
Outlander’s Lotte Verbeek on Geillis’s Reveal, Feminism, and Dancing Naked
*Updated* Ron, Toni Graphia Interviews + Review Round-Up
1x12 - Lallybroch Promo
Ron Q&A - Episode 11
Stunning bae in Vogue Spain (get it)
*UPDATED* HI-RES Stills from Episode 12 + Sneak Peek via ETOnline
As Seen on TV: The Development and Underdevelopment of Jamie & Claire Fraser
3 Sneak Peeks! Beware: Cute Marrit Frasers Alert!
Caitriona Named One of People's Most Beautiful People
Ratings Update: Episodes 101 - 111
#AskOutlander: Sam session !
Mini Episode Summaries for Rest of 1B + Speculation
Laura Donnelly on Taking on Feisty Jenny Fraser
Ron, Sam & Diana Talk "Lallybroch", Jenny & Ian (1x12 and 1x13 Minor Spoilers)
Sam, Cait, Tobias & Laura Discuss 1x12 - Lallybroch [Spoilers for the Episode]
1x13 Promo "The Watch"
Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x11 Podcast (ft. Toni Graphia)
Jezebel, Ron, Terry and Outlander fashion
Episode 12 "Lallybroch" Review/Recap Round-Up
Laura Donnelly Explains Her Sibling Chemistry With Sam Heughan
Moja królowa* in More Magazine

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Post-Episode Discussion: 1x11 - The Devil's Mark
Live Discussion Post! Re-Watch - Episode 1x10: "By the Pricking of My Thumbs"
Live Discussion: 1x11 - The Devil's Mark
Voyager Book Post
Unpopular Opinions!
Previously on... Outlander: Episode 9 - The Reckoning
A Poll!
Episode Discussion & Live Reactions: 1x12 - Lallybroch
Live Discussion: Re-Watch - Episode 1x11: "The Devil's Mark"
Live Discussion & Reactions: 1x12 - Lallybroch (Starts @ 9p ET)
Marrit Happy Frasers GIFs Post!


In the 415: Hanging with Mr. Moore (alt title: ama_blue is a true lady of grace!)

Previous Round Up: April 4 - April 17.
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