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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x12 Podcast (ft. 👑Queen Anne Kenney👑)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

  • Ron explains that they always wanted to approach 1x12 and 1x13 as a two-parter, with 1x12 being a family drama. Initially there was going to be a big flashback to young Jamie, Jenny, Ian causing trouble and then being punished by Jamie's father.

  • Then, 1x13 was going to feature a plague or illness that The Watch was going to contract and Claire would heal them, but they dropped it entirely because they wanted to pull Ian into the story. (This was totally scrapped so it's not a spoiler)

  • Ron says they struggled a bit when when to cut for flashbacks when it came to editing. He is still not 100% happy with it.

  • Anne is happy that Ron cut some lines where Jamie assured Claire he would forgive Jenny for having Randall's child, because it makes Jamie's behavior make zero sense once they arrive at Lallybroch and Jamie *is* angry with her.

  • Ron and Anne both luuurvvee Jenny.

  • Anne loves the Jenny grabbing Jamie's balls scene in the book, and she wrote it that way originally, but they decided it didn't work practically given how pregnant she is/how tall Sam is. (OP Note: THANK CHRIST YE DID)

  • They both find the argument between Jenny/Jamie tricky because they didn't want the audience to stop sympathizing with Jamie, but at the same time it needed to be clear he was pretty much in the wrong. Hard to write and to act, they said.

  • Anne changed it from the book, so that Ian and Claire are there the whole time instead of leaving. Practically, having them just leave Jenny/Jamie to a 10 minute fight "shouting epithets at each other... it didn't make sense".

  • The heat on the set got "out of control" in the Lallybroch interior scene where Jenny is telling Ian, Claire and Sam about BJR (on a soundstage) and they had to shut down for awhile. Anne says the same thing happened during The Wedding (though without needing to shut down), "you start to envy that they have no clothes on".

  • Ron loves when BJR puts his finger in Jenny's mouth - that it is not violent but that it is so invasive.

  • Ron says "Tobias is fearless".

  • Anne loves Bear's music for ratcheting up the anxiety level in the BJR/Jenny flashback scene.

  • Tobias's exposing himself was not scripted expliciitely, but it was just implied he was touching himself in the script. Ron remembers seeing the dailies and thinking "OK... wow, I guess let's see how that works!". Says they never got any notes from Starz about it so they went for it.

  • In hindsight they both agree that if she had just seen him rubbing himself over his pants that it "wouldn't play". She probably wouldn't have reacted how she did.

  • Anne says they consciously decided that a pregnant Jenny would drink whisky because no one would bat and eyelash at that happening in 1945 (Claire), let alone 1743. Ron likes reminding the audience once and awhile that Claire is modern in comparison to Jamie/Jenny, etc... but not to us (the 2015 viewer).

  • Anne was concerned that the viewer wouldn't fully get that BJR didn't do anything to Jamie after he knocked her out and hopes it reads. Ron says he doesn't think it does fully but they chose not to spend the money to fix it later. (OP Note: It reads, imho. Better than the stones decision read in 1x11 if we're talking about moments that are left open to interpretation.)

  • They did a lot of re-writing on this episode during production to give Claire more of a story. It was the first time in production when they realized Claire didn't really have a story in the episode (Cait pointed it out). Ron says he had lost that thread because he was worried about Jamie and his father, and Jenny, etc... and thought "what the fuck have we done? We have to fix this".

  • The Laird's bedroom set is actually on the second floor of the Lallybroch set they built on the soundstage. It was very hot up there, which is partially why Jamie is not wearing a coat and Cait is mostly sleeveless.

  • Ron added the bit about the Viking sword, partially because he was watching Vikings and loves the show.

  • Diana sent a note to Ron about the relationship between Brian and his father actually being very bad, so Jamie's original line about the sword being passed down from father to son was cut, and now the moment is a "widow" in the script (Ron's term) because the moment no longer pays off emotionally like it was supposed to.

  • Anne doesn't mind it, because the sword ends up being a connection to Claire's past so it gives her some depth and a connection to Jamie.

  • The scene between Jamie and his father at Fort William was always in the script, and was meant to pay off after the flashback to young Jamie and his father that was in an earlier draft. Now Anne doesn't like this moment as much because it's Brian's introduction and as Ron says, now Brian is "gone so quickly" after this brief exchange.

  • They both talk about how much thought the DP and Gaffer put into lighting, and making sure it actually reads as "exterior Scottish sunlight" coming through the windows, for example, in the Lallybroch interior scenes.

  • Ron says the BJR/Jamie flogging sequence is "right at the edge of what I can tolerate to look at". (OP Note: INTERESTING.)

  • Ron says that UK production crews are used to having the whole season of a show's scripts in hand before they shoot, but in the US you are lucky to be three episode scripts ahead (as OL tends to run, and is kind of a balance between the UK way and the normal US way of prepping off an outline/writing pages during shooting).

  • Ron confirms that the jacket Jamie is wearing on Quarter Day is Brian's exact jacket. Anne loves that, and loves that everyone working on OL is working toward the whole. Everybody makes decisions that furthers the story.

  • Anne says the slapping of Rabbie exemplifies where you think a scene doesn't work because during casting none of the actors are nailing it. But then, someone will come in and do it right and you think "OK, we just needed the right actor". She likes what guy playing Ronald does.

  • Anne loves that Cait smiles at the end of the Drunk!Jamie encounter. It takes the bite out of her anger.

  • Ron thinks this episode is a "really good Jamie episode" because there are so many different things he gets to play with (bro/sis dynamic, Claire, being a leader, his father, BJR, being drunk, being hungover, etc...).

  • Ron and Anne love the words "hoor" and "Mrs. Crook" and do some impressions.

  • Production built a dam for the mill so that the stream would become deep enough for Sam to dunk down under the water. The water was apparently freezing, and Anne/Ron say the actors are tough, don't complain, and just go for it.

  • Anne loves when Sam says "cac".

  • In the book, Jamie wears red underwear at the mill, but Terry rightly pointed out they wouldn't have existed. Anne says in the book his reasoning for wearing them (not wanting to be naked in front of his tenants) combined with him wanting to hide his scars is why they left him wearing his shirt.

  • Ron likes that the Redcoats aren't total villains here, and that they genuinely were going to help with the mill.

  • "This scene was a whole thing" regarding the Claire/Ian scene. It floated around the schedule around, they weren't sure if it was necessary. But Ron wanted it because it gave Ian something to do and it explained Claire going into Jamie and yelling at him.

  • There was a lot of discussion about the paintings being period correct. "One of those things you put in the script that you think will be simple but it ends up taking an inordinate amount of time".

  • Originally, when Claire goes in to yell at Jamie, she brings up how the Viking sword was passed down from father to son throughout his family, but after Ron got the note from Diana (mentioned above), they cut it at the script stage. Ron thinks the scene still works.

  • Anne is glad this got caught because [Season 2]they are breaking the Lord Lovat scene in Season 2 "right now" and it would have made that not make sense had those lines not gotten cut.

  • Ron and Anne both love the Jenny/Jamie graveyard scene; Ron admits to getting misty eyed when she says "welome home, Lord Broch Tuarach". Ron says he told Laura that her performance here was "so special".

  • Anne says Laura and Sam were very generous to each other, acting wise. That they were both really in the scene, and that you buy they are alone together instead of standing in front of cameras with 30 people standing around.

  • Anne: "oh my god the endless conversations about this gravestone".

  • In the Jamie/Claire conversation in the bedroom, the line "I loved you more than the day before..." was something Ron inserted because he said it to Terry a long time ago and is engraved in one of the tags Ron wears around his neck. "I'm a mushball", he says.

  • They both remark on Sam and Cait's chemistry, and "when they are in it, they are so there".

  • There was some debate on when Claire should tell Jamie she loves him. They had shot a moment in 1x11 where Claire answers "yes" to Geillis's question about loving Jamie, but Ron cut that because he wanted her to say it to Jamie directly.

  • [1x13]1x13 starts right where 1x12 leaves off, so Anne and Toni had to work together on this scene with The Watch.

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