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Previously on... Outlander: Episode 10 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Welcome to the episode also known as Duke Tales! angedesoir

Siiiiiing me a song of a lad and his tongue! mandersonmsp

Pre-gaming the episode rn.
Jamie finds the sweetest skittle in the middle, no problem! carminaburana
He knows how to turn that cherry out. ama_blue


What an opener. Damn mea_culpa2
one of the best things to happen in 110
unf that smile kills me every time. kiddisaster83

I love JAMMF sex hair... Get that sassesnack boo! mandersonmsp
this episode aka The Peak of Jamie's hair. di_elle
This episode is the peak of everything and everyone! alexana303

So i think she actually does reach her peak here. carminaburana
Challenge fulfilled! fenchurchly

GoodBye Kilt, Hello Trews!

watching Jamie put on pants >>>>>> watching him put on a kilt ama_blue
How can Jamie in trousers be even hotter than Jamie in a kilt? mea_culpa2
Shirtless JAMMF in pants is everything to me. fenchurchly

seriously though. I wanna climb him like a tree.ama_blue

Murtagh bursts into their sex cave and Jamie and Claire be like
"best be a good reason for this visit"... because I was about to get my d wet fenchurchly
Murtagh has no shame. Get out of there!! ama_blue
That room probably smells like sex and Murtagh is all close to Jamie's face... like, bro. fenchurchly

can you think what a bonnie lad was Jamie at 16??? di_elle
I know! Everyone wants him and his hindquarters. chapmangrl

Yasss share your 20th century Frank!Knowledge.... sherrilina
I do like that they believe Claire pretty quickly carminaburana
Awww jamie is so hopeful and sweet about Lallybroch! mandersonmsp

Ugh Leeery carminaburana

"You Belong with Meeeee" /cue Taylor Swift. sherrilina
Claire's cheer captain and Laoghaire's in the bleachers. ama_blue

*cheeers* di_elle
What did the five fingers say to the face? mandersonmsp
I still had Sassesnacks on my brain so I was like, the face? what? Surely you mean...
And then I got it.
#pervnation can be distracting. fenchurchly

You can't lose something you never had, I learned that from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. mandersonmsp

About to see a Lotte titties. mandersonmsp
Oh no. The farter is back.
note to self: avoid raw turnips mea_culpa2
Arthur is a hot mess if I were Jeanie I'd become a hoor to avoid being his maid. mandersonmsp
he's probably feeling her up when he passes in the hallways like a pervy old man. ama_blue

i thought the switching back and forth was a good bit of foreshadowing... fleetinglogic
Claire just standing there like a bit of a creeper. fenchurchly

I'm always a llittle worried with her very long hair and the fire. alexana303

You can come out Claire.
Creepy Ginger Wood fairy! weatherspoon10

Dougal gets around. sassycin
But pregnancies were never shown. angedesoir

Battle of the coats!!!!!!

Geilis' little goblin coat is giving Claire's glorious coat a real run for it's money. mea_culpa2
Claire be like I'm bored wood fairy, my hubby's better because I got a pearl necklace and not a lame bracelet. mandersonmsp

I didn't mind seeing him! I kinda missed him. fenchurchly
Go home. You're drunk. mea_culpa2

Geillis be like, Claire you in danger girl! mandersonmsp
Law & Order: Exhibition and Exposition in the Highlands. angedesoir

Claire looking for the baby is so atmosphericmandersonmsp
:( :( :(
That final cry from the baby just ends me. fenchurchly

Sometimes I wish Jamie *would* just say what he believes. fenchurchly

"take me home"
HMMMMMT fenchurchly

It's the Duke Show!

And Jamie is all:

Claire being a BAMF wife! carminaburana
Claire got some GIGANTIC cajones! mandersonmsp

I love the Duke's neck line, and then how Claire wears the fur around it the next time she sees him. fenchurchly
I'm taking this neck compliment as COLBERT MD PRODUCT PLACEMENT! mandersonmsp

No one is here for your manpain Dougal
Rupert my teddy bear WHO HURT YOU WITH HIS MAN PAIN? mandersonmsp
So, was it an act? Was it real? I'm still not sure. fenchurchly
And where were you Dougal? Sticking your tongue and dick in places they don't belong. angedesoir
Dougal's totally a womanizer, not sure if I buy that he's in true wuv with Geillis. How many times has he hit on Claire? More than the number of VO in this episode mandersonmsp

Jamie mind your hindquarters son mandersonmsp

Jamie in his fancy kilt + broach makes me smile every time. fenchurchly

"If I scrub your back..."
Girl, get in line. fenchurchly
I just pictured Jamie and Claire in a bathtub with a back scrubber and it wasn't bad. But none for the Duke kthxbye mandersonmsp

You of course contain a sublime combination of the two.
YAS DUKE, STAN HA!fenchurchly
Ooooh that light caress of Jamie's chin. sassycin

damn, Jamie is so so so pretty in this scene. di_elle
Jamie is FIONNNE ama_blue

Aw MARRIT BBs! carminaburana

Jamie and Claire are late for this dinner. and are so verra pleased with themselves. eeehm. di_elle
Alcove sex. mea_culpa2
Yes! Erase any stain or memory of Laoghaire/Jamie making out in that alcove. fenchurchly

This is like all my family dinners! mandersonmsp
People get poisoned with cyanide as routine? Please invite me to the next one! I'll bring dessert. Cyanide not included. mea_culpa2

Welp, RIP Arthur. You farted your way into our hearts fenchurchly
Leftovers from the purple wedding? angedesoir
Hai Joffrey!! mandersonmsp
the looks between dougal, geillis and colum crack me up fleetinglogic

Combatans! Take yer position!

"Let's drink to friendship!"
ILU, Duke.

If only the bank I'm paying mortgage to was willing to participate in such a duel with us :(
I'd totally volunteer my husband. his mother can be his second! mallmouse

Jamie so proud of himself after he makes a funny. mea_culpa2
it's doubly funny because Sam is a MacDonald. angedesoir

This is just like a grown up version of little kids play fighting. fenchurchly
"Do tell your wife it WASN'T my fault!" He KNOWS Claire is a badass! fleetinglogic

Silent Treatment = Angry Wifey

Claire's frosty silence. Our babies are so marrit. mea_culpa2
I love that he's like "uh, you're not usually quiet..." fenchurchly
*stitching INTENSIFIES* door

His haircape's even better than Poldark’s in this episode.ama_blue
And the pants. And the lack of shirt. fenchurchly

We Love/Hate Colum
I love you Colum the bellower.angedesoir
It's like he's a school principal with a bunch of 7 year olds who always disappoint him. mea_culpa2
I bet Jamie's mom couldn't wait to get out of Castle Leoch and away from those crazies. ama_blue

Awww this goodbye I hate you Colum Mackenzie mandersonmsp
I love that it was Claire who kept prolonging the kiss and didn't want him to go. Cutie. mea_culpa2

The little Eskimo kiss 😻😻😻 meat_cat

"dinna swallow her"
too late, dougs, too late fenchurchly


Claire you in danger girl. I say this in every watch post. mandersonmsp
Danger, danger. GTFO NOW booklovinggal
stop opening up doors being banged on fenchurchly

OMG. Laoghaire...
Laoghaire you bitch. mea_culpa2
GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC LEGHAIR! Claire gave you fingers across the face this ep, but she owns JAMMF's fingers in the nextmandersonmsp


that no, no scene was the hottest thing in any tv, movie, reality show, tv movie and mini series ever in history of the universe
jamie was eating that pussy like he haven't been eating for weeks tusiaczek87

gif mostly by chapmangrl
thanks tusiaczek87 for let me borrow from her recap

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