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HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! Cait&Sam on Emmy Magazine!

There may be darkness (serious, serious darkness) to come on Outlander, but these new pictures of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan exude nothing but blinding beauty.

In the new issue of emmy magazine, the stars of the Starz hit are all dolled up and casually lounging around by the pool, looking like no other human does when they're just casually lounging around by the pool, and we've got the exclusive first look at the gorgeous pics.

In our (admittedly overactive) imaginations, these gorgeous pictures took place after Claire and Jamie Fraser managed to travel into 2015, where they were immediately accosted by fans of beautiful people to be regarded as royalty and asked to participate in a sexy photoshoot. This is what transpired:

Here, we see Claire taking a rest across Jamie's lap. He has ditched the roguish scruff for some even more roguish and well-groomed facial hair and we are not complaining.

Claire, still pretending she's definitely not a time traveler, is trying very hard to hide her extreme pleasure at being out of that corset and petticoat.

But it's not working. Her legs are just so free, and that Los Angeles wind feels so good upon them.

Now she's freed her midriff as well, and it's all a bit too much and she needs a lounge break. Meanwhile, Jamie has discovered the joy of a good leather jacket.

Nevermind. He's ditched the leather for a snazzy blue suit jacket, some jeans, and…a cape? A scarf? He's also apparently ditched the modern life to become a snappily-dressed forest wizard. What? This story has gotten away from us.

Forest wizardry, however, is a tiresome job, and it's time for a nap. Sleep well, Jamie Fraser. May all your dreams come true, as ours have thanks to these photos.

For more pics, and to read the interview with Balfe and Heughan, you can pick up a copy of the magazine when it hits stands on May 12!

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