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Round Up Post! Edition: April 27 - May 1

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Cait Shares Her Fav Photo With Sam
BJR Character Promo (it's really good!)
Terry's Life Remains Amazing/a>
Bid on Sam's Costumes from Emulsion
Cait's Favorite Pics from OL Set!
DG Talks About Book Series Ending
Matt B. Roberts Photographed OL Animals
Possible Spoilers from KDS
Sam Smacks Down Twitter Troll
ADORABLE Jamie/Claire Still from 1x12
Different Angle of J/C Fireside Kiss from 1x11
1x12 Gaelic Translations
DG Comments on FB about 1B
More DG Comments from 1B
Video: Tobias on 1x12's Flashbacks
Video From Sam & Cait After 750k Likes on FB
BTS Photo of Sam and Cait from 1x12
Mild 1x13 Spoilers from 1x13
Video: After the Episode 1x12
UK Press Noticing Outlander (kinda)
Sam Talks Being Called a "Hunk"
WSJ - "Meet Jenny from the Broch"
Photos: Tobias is Adorable
DG Comments on BJR's Sexuality
Cait Nominated for Lead Actress in Drama for Outlander at the IFTA
E!Online Spoiler Chat w/ KDS
Production Designer Jon Gary Steele talks Lallybroch
Sam Bagged a Munro on his Birthday!
Cait is Still in NYC
Sam, Cait, & Tobias Take the "Work Spouse" Challenge

Posts with Outlander News:

Sam and Tobias interview with the Nerdist
*Updated* Episode 13 "The Watch" Clips
Cute Interview w/ Cait in the NY Post!
Queen Anne and her daughter Live Tweeting session for Episode 12
Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x12 Podcast (ft. 👑Queen Anne Kenney👑)
Diana Q&A on Twitter for #WorldsBiggestBookClub
Video Featurette - Meet the Frasers
*HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! Cait&Sam on Emmy Magazine!
Laura Donnelly #AskOutlander

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Previously on... Outlander: Episode 10 - By The Pricking of My Thumbs
🎈🎉CELEBRATION DOUBLE HEADER: Happy Birthday Sam (April 30) & Jamie (May 1)!🎉
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Previous Round Up: April 17 - April 27.
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