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Outlander Podcast Interviews with Ron D. Moore and Mike Barker

Outlander Podcast interviewed Ron Moore and Mike Barker, the director of episodes 1x11 & 1x12. Interesting/noteworthy points below:

Ron Interview

  • His favorite episodes: The Garrison Commander, The Search, The Wedding

  • The interior French scenes will be filmed in Scotland, and more will probably be filmed in Eastern Europe. Some exterior shots will potentially be filmed in Southern England as well.

  • He recognizes that Voyager is long and that it might need to be split into two seasons. This was brought up, in general terms, when he pitched the show to Starz.

  • His favorite whisky is Glenrothes.

  • He does not want to be called Himself.

  • [Spoiler (click to open)]They are currently building Jamie and Claire’s home in Paris and he says it’s a great set.

Mike Barker Interview

  • Lallybroch was harder to film than The Devil’s Mark as the material’s not as juicy. There were a lot of long dialogue scenes.

  • Scenes were filmed in whole chunks as much as possible during the witch trial to keep momentum of the story going for the extras.

  • Not everyone on the production liked the idea of Geillis being carried off by the crowd.

  • The hardest scene to tackle was Claire’s confession and Jamie’s reaction. He says Cait was absolutely exhausted, “complete mush,” by the time that day was over because he made her film it so many times. Cait knew she had the weight of the series on her shoulders while filming this scene.

  • It seems like the full frontal from Tobias was very much planned and arose from a discussion between Toni and Mike about how women are always expected to bare it all while men are not. Mike then tasked himself with asking to Tobias to whip it out for 1x12. Tobias was totally up for it. It was unscripted but very much known ahead of time that Tobias would expose himself in that way.

  • He is busy with other work so won’t be able to direct in season 2.

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