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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x13 Podcast (ft. Toni Graphia & Matt B. Roberts)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

  • Original idea was for one of the men in The Watch to have a sickness where Claire had to treat him but this changed after Horrocks was introduced in episode 9 and they loved the actor so they wanted to bring him back.

  • In the original version, MacQuarrie blackmailed Jamie into going on the raid in exchange for not turning him into the Redcoats.

  • Toni wanted to highlight the line Jamie's "when I got home, I thought I'd be safe" and then play against that with danger "literally walking through his door".

  • Ron talks about how the Lallybroch section of book was basically strung together vignettes which didn't have the arc and tension needed for the show. (OP Note: hmmmmT)

  • Toni pulled the "what's it like to be pregnant" conversation directly from the book because she thought it was beautiful.

  • Toni starts to say that they are halfway through... something. In context it sounded like she meant Season 2 pre-production.

  • Ron, Toni and Matt talk about the beauty in the cast/crew being the only group of people who will ever know everything that goes into creating each episode. And feeling more connected to the production meeting/the writers room breaking the story/the on set challenges/and "Sam's fucking hair" vs. the actual final product. Interesting to listen to, it starts at about 26:00.

  • There was a lot of debate about Jamie's reaction to Claire thinking she is barren. They decided he would wait to react after she lives, and that he would sit down.

  • There was a production delay of two hours because of rain when they were shooting the Jamie/Horrocks/Ian scene in the woods. Ron remarks that it's funny you can't see it even in HD.

  • Originally Jamie was going to kill Horrocks, but they changed it to be Ian because it subverts the expected in the scene. It also cements the fact Ian and Jamie were soldiers together.

  • It was Metin's idea to not do the typical birth scene. He asked Matt to demonstrate the birthing, so Metin was Claire and Matt was Jenny. Matt was horrified but went for it.

  • Matt says there are certain things Maril will not let the show get away with losing, e.g. the honesty and lies mention from the last episode.

  • They also knew they needed Donas and the Sawny mention.

  • Ron calls the scene with Jamie and The Watch at the table "problematic" and a struggle in editing. Every time Ian looks from one guy to the other it starts to feel like he's looking in the wrong direction because the camera was placed incorrectly.

  • Matt talks about how Jenny is giving birth on straw (for hygiene), in front of the fire (for warmth).

  • Toni talks about how every department in the crew goes all out and no one is jaded or phoning it in. She says productions in LA suffer from that attitude more frequently.

  • Ron credits the network for giving the show room to breathe. For example, Matt feels like he can right a 6-7 page scene and get it shot, which would be near impossible on any other show/network.

  • The scene with Jamie and MacQuarrie on horseback was one of the wettest days Scotland had seen in years; they had to stop shooting a few times.

  • Toni found historical references to skull pocket watches, and one designed for Mary Queen of Scots. She fought hard to get it included on the show, and offered to pay for it herself out of her paycheck. But Gary Steele made it happen.

  • Ron conspired to deliver a first cut of the episode with all of that footage cut just to torture Toni.

  • The title card with the watch was shot at the end of the shoot, with a robotic arm to keep the camera steady.

  • Ron wanted to show very little of the actual ambush, to cut on "Fire!". They ended up shooting a little more just for coverage.

  • Matt says he's learned that on this show it's better do shoot more just in case because it's almost impossible to reassemble everyone for re-shoots. As Toni says, you're not filming on a standing set in Burbank for Law & Order, you're 3 hours from a main city up in the highlands.

  • The bracelets for Claire moved around a bunch of episodes, but they were necessary for 1x14 (OP Note: Hmmm...) so they ended up in 1x13.

  • They spoil the reason on the podcast and then Matt says, "if you're listening to this podcast you're on board anyway" (referring to probably having read the book).

  • Ron thinks the cheat where it's slo-mo, and it's Ian coming back being helped by a man, is one of those moments where the audience would never buy it was Jamie. "Because if it was, we'd show him immediately". Toni disagrees and thinks that if "you've done your job right... the audience won't be thinking with their minds" but instead will be caught up in the emotionality.

  • Matt says in the writers room there are people who are the "logic police" and people who are the "emotion police" and Toni agrees that you need both.

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