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Episode 14 "The Search" Review/Recap Round-Up

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Tom & Lorenzo
Let’s give it up for Jenny Fraser Murray, people. A woman so badass, her idea of a sitz bath is to straddle a horse and gallop through the Highlands mere days after giving birth. A woman so focused she can express her milk AND tell Claire she’s full of shit at the same time. A woman so hardened she’d think nothing of branding an Englishman’s balls if he doesn’t tell her what she wants, knowing full well she’ll have to kill him when the torture’s done for the day. Jenny Fraser Murray, ladies and gentleman. Cooch of Steel. We smell a spinoff series for Starz. We’re pretty sure an hour every week of Jenny getting shit done, telling people off, expressing her milk and torturing Englishmen is a ratings no-brainer.


AV Club: What’s love got to do with it? Everything!
Grade: A

Leave it to Outlander to follow one of its most idle episodes with one so full of fun, emotion, and action that every act delivers more and more excitement. “The Search” builds in a way that an episode near the end of a season should,
Jamie never appears in the episode, but he’s at its heart, the sole reason why so many characters put their lives on the line in this action-packed hour. Central to “The Search”—and to Outlander in general—is the idea that love conquers all. Love has convinced both Jamie and Claire to make life-altering decisions. Jamie doesn’t freak out when Claire tells him she’s from the future, because he loves and trusts her, and it’s enough to make him believe in a little bit of magic. Claire’s love for Jamie leads her to make the most life-altering choice she has made all season.


New York Times: Boogie Woogie Road Trip

And just like that, “Outlander” transformed into a road movie.
“The Search,” is a fascinating episode of television that incorporates many of the elements that make “Outlander” such a simultaneously incisive and subversive series, but what’s more impressive is that it does so by building out from one of the show’s weakest aspects: the deification of Jamie Fraser. Upon learning of Jamie’s capture by the redcoats, Claire is spurred into action, readying herself to hunt him down and free him. Ian, having lost his wooden leg in the redcoat ambush, is in no shape to accompany her, but sets about making her a map of the area. Things get really interesting when Jenny announces that she will be joining Claire in her search, much to everyone’s surprise, given that she’s a nursing mother.



"The Search" for Jamie Fraser truly was only a search because tonight's Outlander didn't lead Claire to her husband's arms. Not directly. It was a bold decision to not show the leading man for an entire episode and a successful one. Though Sam Heughan didn't appear, Jamie's presence was felt as three people who love him tried to find him. In some ways, the Jamie-less hour demonstrated that the series is much more than the romance between him and Claire. At the same time, Claire's determination to find her husband illustrated that their love story is the cornerstone keeping the structure intact. It was a pleasant balance.


TVLine: Song and Chance

Fresh off the knowledge that Jamie’s been captured by the British, Claire springs into action, declaring, “I intend to get my husband back.” She’s a flurry of brown curls and determined fury as she forbids an injured and prosthetic leg-less Ian to accompany her. He draws her a map, instead, but Jenny knows that her sister-in-law doesn’t know the land near Lallybroch and couldn’t track her way out of a burlap sack. So the new mom packs some heat and prepares to join the search — and Claire grimly realizes that Jenny’s right. As they take off on horseback, I say a little prayer for Jenny’s delicate areas; lots of time in the saddle a few days after childbirth can’t be fun.


HitFix: This is 'The Search' that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends

If I’m being honest, I’d have been 100% okay if Jamie had faded into the background, leaving Claire and Jenny to be a marauding duo of badass ladies roaming the Scottish countryside. Claire knows the British will kill Jamie if they realize who he is — hell, they’d kill him for giggles and a ham sandwich — and makes a solid go of heading out alone to bring her wayward husband back to Lallybroch. But Jenny isn’t about to be out-badassed by some up-jumped British woman. Instead, Jenny leaves her THREE DAY OLD baby in the capable hands of her husband (and servants) and hauls her THREE DAY POST-PARTUM butt into a saddle. Internal bleeding be damned, there’s a rescue afoot!
The show has spent a lot of time explaining how Claire is “Not Like Other Girls” and will never balk at blood or broken bones or sleeping on the ground. She’ll also sass anyone with clear disregard for her own personal safety. But now Jenny steps into the “Skills Not Meant For Ladies” ring to track the British army using horse manure, broken branches, and hoof prints. Jenny also came armed with duel-wielding pistols because she’s trying to make me fall in love with her. Spoiler: It worked.


Hypable: Boogie Woogie Sassenach

One thing is for certain. When things go badly in Outlander, the women aren’t waiting around for their prince to come. They are going to solve the crisis by themselves. Jenny (Laura Donnelly) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) set out to find the British company that took Jamie (Sam Heughan) and MacQuarrie (Douglas Henshall) hostage and rescue them.



File this episode under Jenny is a giant badass. With a gun at her waist, the new mother mounts her horse and rides out with Claire to rescue Jamie, stopping to bless the dead members of The Watch, follow Jamie’s tracks, and squirt some breast milk into a tin cup, which is the 18th century version of pumping in a Mamava lactation pods. Jenny truly Has It All, acknowledging that “everything having to do wi’ bairns is a nuisance” just before she shoves a hot poker in the fire, tortures a British dude into telling them where Jamie is, and convincing Claire that they have no option but to murder him once they get said information. “Love forces you to choose,” she tells Claire. By rooting around in the guy’s saddle bag, we discover that Jamie has escaped, and the British are most eager to recapture him.

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