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Episode 15: promo scene

via WSJ after the cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]

When we last saw Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), she was on a horse, standing in front of the ominous-looking Wentworth Prison, where her Highlander husband, Jamie (Sam Heughan) had been sentenced to hang. Her steely yet frightened demeanor intimated that she was going to stop at nothing to get Jamie out of there alive.

But Claire didn’t need her Clan MacKenzie and Clan Fraser compatriots to tell her that this would be an arduous, possibly futile task, especially after she receives a box of Jamie’s personal effects in this scene from this Saturday’s penultimate episode.

The time-traveling WWII nurse has managed to get inside the prison walls, but upon meeting with the warden, Sir Fletcher Gordon, she is given Jamie’s things – which all but confirms that his death is imminent. Inside the box are Jamie’s “Je Suis Prest” tartan pin (the Clan Fraser motto), and the wooden snake called “Sawny” (Jamie’s pet name) that his brother made for him when he was a boy. The fact that Claire is able to even sort of hold herself together here is pretty amazing, but then again, it reflects the strength of her character which will be vital in the coming episodes.

There’s also a fun bit of trivia connected to the minor role of Sir Fletcher that “Doctor Who” fans, as well as “Outlander” fans will appreciate. Sir Fletcher is played by actor Frazer Hines, who portrayed an 18th-century Scotsman named Jamie McCrimmon on “Doctor Who.” Hines’s “Doctor Who” character served as “Outlander” book series author Diana Gabaldon‘s inspiration to set her novels in 1740s Scotland – and to call her male protagonist “Jamie.”


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