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KDS: "Warning to Outlander Fans: You Have No Idea What You Are In For"

I don't want to interrupt mea_culpa2's beautiful post (THANK YOU bb!), but Kristin Dos Santos has just put out a Public Service Announcement for the last two episodes. Don't shoot the messenger, news is news, and I've placed it all under a cut. THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS for those of you who haven't read the books.

Consider this a friendly little PSA about the series we have repeatedly touted as the best new show of the season: Starz's Outlander.

You fans may have heard that the next episode will feature a moment from the books that is one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire book series.

That is true.

You might also think that if you read the books, you will be somewhat prepared.

That is….not true.

I'm not going to spoil anything for you. But I do feel the need to warn you that whatever you are expecting, prepare yourself for…More.

Not only is it something that has never really been portrayed in this way on television before. But it is raw. It's detailed. It's horrifying and it is, at times, even hard to watch. It's also the kind of thing you cannot stop thinking about after the credits roll.

You may find yourself asking: Why? Why did it have to go down this way? Why were some of the choices made? Really just: Whyyyyyyy?????????

The answer, dear friends, might come for you toward the end of the season one finale, when two characters (I won't spill who, cause #spoilers) share what is perhaps the most beautifully scene ever to have aired on television. I found myself unable to breathe, uncontrollably sobbing, and experiencing a connection that felt more palpable than anything I've seen on TV in recent…oh, who am I kidding?, ever.

The ugliest scene ever on TV.

Followed by the most beautiful scene ever on TV.

All within the span of an hour.

And that's why, as we prepare for the worst, we also must pause and realize that Outlander deserves some very real praise for being, hands down, the bravest on TV. And, hey, how about some loads of Emmy nominations, while we're at it.

You want to talk about risk? You want to talk about challenge? You just wait.

What happens in the next two episodes of Outlander is an unforgettable viewing experience that can only be compared to labor—painful, but the outcome will bring such hopefulness and light. You will have a physical reaction. I did.

I'm chatting with Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore tomorrow, and will take all your questions for him via Twitter or my Facebook page. I'm sure you have many...I know I do.

Buckle. Up.

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