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Set Report: Wentworth's Dark Scenes from 1x15

In September 2014, Zap2it visited the Scotland set of "Outlander." There Menzies and Heughan were filming the scene where Randall asks Jamie if he "softens" when his wife touches the scars on his back during sex, before offering him an easy death if he would simply admit he's scared.

It was a dark moment to watch, set against the backdrop of what was actually a hopeful day: that specific scene was filmed on Sept. 17, the day before the historic, and ultimately failed, Scottish independence referendum vote.

While the crew and certain cast members on the Scottish set buzzed with hopeful electricity, the material they were filming was anything but. How ironic that while the country was waiting to possibly vote itself out from under U.K. rule, they filmed a scene in which Jamie -- a Scot -- was being tortured by a British soldier.

The crew watched as Menzies delivered his monologue again and again, each version darker than the one before. The final take they filmed was bone-chilling, as Randall smiles with a gleam in his eye when asking if Jamie can't help but think of the damage that's been inflicted upon him during sex.

With scenes so intense, it was interesting to observe Menzies and Heughan during breaks from filming. Even when sitting right next to one another, the two completely ignored each other. "We didn't talk a lot outside of doing the scenes," Menzies reason. "We tried to keep it as fresh as possible." Taking it one step further, he refrained from interacting with just about anyone, instead keeping his mind trained on the character and scene.

After all, there was a lot going on in the episode for him to focus on. While many will look at Randall's treatment of Jamie as pure hatred, Menzies sees it from a different angle. "I think the most difficult thing about it was to, in a way, make it curiously loving -- to stop it [from] being just brutality, really," he says.

"Ultimately it's not about Black Jack just being evil or nasty; it's about Black Jack wanting to break Jamie and wanting to break this love he has for Claire," Heughan tells Zap2it of the prison cell scenes. "The tragedy of this whole story -- which I find really exciting -- is we've got this beautiful relationship, this beautiful romance that ultimately gets completely tainted and destroyed by Black Jack. Maybe it's irreversible, who knows?"

Additional brief Tobias quotes at the source.
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