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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x15 Podcast (ft. Ira Steven Behr)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

  • Ron says they set aside two episodes for Wentworth and the finale during the initial story break down in the writer's room. They worked toward these episodes the entire process.

  • The title card features real life torture implements. They were not created for the show.

  • Wide shot Wentworth is a combination of a real building in Carlyse and CGI.

  • Ira says the Jamie and MacQuarrie conversation was an homage to Waiting for Godot - do you have an orgasm or do you evacuate your bowels upon hanging?

  • The gallows were built and sat on the sound stage for awhile, and Ron remembers watching the stunt guys enact the scene and being disturbed. He says that even if you know it's fake it is a "very disturbing thing to watch".

  • Originally one of the men that was hanged had a device on him that would make it look like he had shit himself upon death (which Anna was "obsessed with"), but it malfunctioned and they ended up just cutting it. He was then nicknamed "Mr. Shityourpants".

  • Ron loves that MacQuarrie is in this episode. Ira says that he has a "good death".

  • Ira recalls that the gallows was a full day of shooting and then makes it sound like they started 1x16 the next day. (He was sick and Maril sent him him to Glasgow, two hours away).

  • This was the last on set location shot for the season and was two hours away from Glasgow so cast/crew were put up at a hotel. The rest of the season was shot on sound stages.

  • Ron says there was a debate about BJR coming to the rescue but Ira and Ron loved it because it's a flip on the traditional hero arriving at the right time.

  • Tobias was/is very comfortable on a horse and had no issue controlling his horse.

  • Tobias had very strong feelings about the moment he sees Jamie. He asked to back up his horse to show shock.

  • Ron was adamant that the prison cell had no windows, though the cinematogropher wanted one. Ron wanted it to be hell - to a bubble in time.

  • Ira says shooting in the cell took 5-6 days and was "without a doubt the most unpleasant, most trying 6 days I've ever been on a set. Everyone felt it. It was not a fun time".

  • Frazier Hines, who plays Sir Fletcher, played a HIghlander named Jamie in a Doctor Who episode that inspired Diana to write Outlander.

  • Sir Fletcher's office was originally Lallybroch's kitchen.

  • Ira says there was a lot of talk about the Bible and making sure it was clear it was one. Ron interjects that it was an insert shot that was done months later.

  • Ira is "always glad when there's a scene from the book that I could actually use" in order to grab dialogue.

  • Ron loves the shot of Cait breaking down once the warden leaves the room. Ira loves it when she lowers her head - that she's given it her all to play the role of not Jamie's wife.

  • Ira included a detailed list of items that were in Jamie's sporran and in the box in the script.

  • The shot of Claire leaving the prison was done at a different location. There was a discussion about Claire vomiting on camera. They didn't want it to be gross, but there was a guy off camera pumping vomit through a tube.

  • Day 1 of the 15/16 block Ira disliked a lot because Angus and Rupert were laughing. He wanted them to be distraught because they were losing.

  • Ira thinks that Angus and Rupert should be shown in a "two shot" (i.e. together in a shot), but because it wasn't shot that way the rhythm of the dialogue (he calls back to episode 7's blacksmith scene) doesn't work.

  • The tavern is a reset of Castle Leoch's kitchen.

  • The shot of the stone where Jamie is trying to pull the chain out was an insert shot later.

  • There was lots of discussion about Marley in the writers room. Was he developmentally disabled? Mute? Did he choose not to speak? Ira says that he's imposing, not a cliche, but not over the top.

  • Ron says there was a ton of rehearsal for 1x15 and 1x16 and Marley complicated the issue a bit, about whether or not he would step in or stand aside.

  • Ron cut down BJR a bit to dial him back in the petition burning scene. He didn't want to get him to straight up evil so fast.

  • Casting the guard Murtagh and Claire speak to in the warden's office took awhile. They didn't want to find someone who came off stupid.

  • Ron says becase the PoV was opened to include Jamie, a lot of the BJR/Jamie stuff was created for the show.

  • Ira came up with the idea of BJR giving Jamie the "noble death". That in his screwed up mind, he was willing to give not just to take. That BJR did not want to see Jamie hang.

  • Ron says that the whole cast/crew knew the whole season was building to these two episodes and so everyone (despite exhaustion after a looonnnngg shoot) brought it.

  • Ira says it was "a job" for everyone on set to get through the shoot.

  • Ira does not think the "good luck to you too, lassie" works. Because he meant it to be almost a goodbye from Murtagh, him assuming he won't see her again, not an under the breath remark.

  • Ron says they cut a ton of Claire creeping through corridors in order to keep up the pacing.

  • Ron was worried about the brazier because it was hanging in the middle of the set and he didn't want it to be a distraction. They shot around it to downplay it.

  • Ira loves the idea of BJR "protecting Jamie" and not letting him die "ignobly".

  • Sometimes when Jamie is holding his hand it's a prosthetic, other times it's Sam's but with makeup.

  • They went back later to add more hammer hits to make sure it was clear Jamie would have been in a delirious pain state (originally shot it was just one).

  • "He has a fantasy in his head, and he wants the fantasy to play out" so BJR pulls back instead of using Jamie to jack him off to completion. He doesn't want the "ugliness of his passion" to interfere.

  • Originally Jamie was trying to tell Claire how to break the lock with the key, but they cut it in order for it to make sense later that Jamie was pretty much blacked out. Ira acknowledges the dialogue was unnecessary.

  • Ira says they never got the shot where BJR didn't quite understand what "sadistic piece of shit" meant.

  • Ira loves that it's all about Jamie to BJR, i.e. "you're a fit match for Jamie".

  • Ira says the two British guards were a call back to 1x06, in that you know the soilders know somthing is off with BJR but they can't do anything because he's an Officer.

  • Ron says the moment BJR offers to hand Claire to Marley is one those bizarrely fucked up moments in he book he remembers.

  • Ron says BJR taking Claire's hair down is a nice call back/reversal to Claire tying BJR's stock in 1x08.

  • Ira says Tobias didn't like that Claire (briefly) got the better of BJR.

  • Originally BJR used the mallet in a way "mallets should not be used" in order to get Jamie to give in, which was not in the script. Ira and Ron both thought it was too much. (OP Note: I'm guessing BJR put it up her skirt?).

  • Tobias came up with the idea that they would use Marley's corpse "as a bed. Let's put it that way", says Ira. Anna loved it but Ira said no because he thought it was too weird and outside of BJR's character.

  • Apparently the Outlander set doctor said putting a nail through a hand "wasn't that bad, the hammer is worse"... but everyone one set gave her the side eye.

  • Tobias came up with the "We'll remember this moment for the rest of our lives" line and asked Ira to include it in the script.

  • Ron thinks the bargain to save Claire and the scene only works if we (and Jamie) believes that BJR will keep his word to get Claire out.

  • The scene of Claire and BJR was filled with insects and spiders and Ira recalls Cait saying "bleeghh" the first time she was down there because the insects were falling on their hands. Production used fire to get them to dissipate.

  • Ron acknowledges the sequence with the wolves from the book. Ira wrote it. But during prep Ron decided to cut it because he wanted to spend more time with BJR/Jamie. He says the wolves howling was the nod the book. Ira says no one on the writing staff fought for that scene.

  • Ira says one of his favorite lines of the series is, "How does it feel to be alive wearing dead flesh?"

  • Ira says that these scenes were not easy to watch - even "tough crew guys". "And we have plenty more to come".

  • The MacRannoch house was changed quite a bit. They wanted "to preserve the idea of [him] and the connection to he pearls" says Ron.

  • Ron says "yeah, Ellen got around". And jokes of MacRannoch thinking, "wait, is it Ellen in the prison? I'll be right there!".

  • During the filming of this scene everyone was so concerned with the cows showing up. What if they stampede? What if they don't face the right way?

  • Ira really wantd Murtagh to be the guy to come up with a plan, especially after the bond he and Claire formed in 1x14.

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