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Round Up Post! Edition: May 1 - May 27 (whoops)

**Since I'm a flop who has dropped the ball on this the last few weeks, I haven't included every post but chose some highlights instead.**

ICYMI in the Last (3) FFAF(s):

Cast/Crew Twitter Banter is Happening!
Instagram Video Message From Sam From Set
Photo: Ira, Duncan, Ginger Jasper's Mum Saw Grant's Play/a>
QT Fan Encounter w/ Sam in Glasgow
Stills from 1x16
Photo: Tobias in Chest Mold, for Outlander?
Cast & Crew Tweet About First Day of Filming S2
Sam Having QT Twitter Convos
New/Old Season 1 Promo Pics
Sam Went Munro Bagging
Terry Reminds Us That #ScoutlandIsAModernCountry
OL Inspired Hair Tutorials
Cast Picks Costumes They'd Want to Keep
Video: Sam Thanks Everyone for MPC
Photo: Duncan, Sam & Ginger Jasper's Mum on a Hike
Video: What Shows Are the Cast Binge Watching
Photo & Interview with Tobias from TVGuide
Photo of Sam, Duncan and OL Driver Davie
Sass Original: Bodhran Info!
Cast Tweets about 1x15 to Each Other
Sam Talks Being Called a "Hunk"
Ron, Terry, Ira, Maril, & Toni Attended UK Outlander Gathering
Photo: Sam, Cait, & Tobias Saw Grant's Play
NYMag Wants an Emmy for Sam
Photo & Interview w/ Cait in Interview Magazine
ONTD_Sass Terms Glossary
Interview w/ Ron & Anna about 1x15
Cheeky Short German Sam Video Interview
BTS Photos from 1x16
We Discuss the HitFix Recapper's Hatred of OL
Pitched Outlander Title Sequences/Typography
Sam Interview w/ Shortlist
Small Finale Spoiler from Ausiello
Photo of Sam w/ Gift from Fan
New/Old Picture of Graham (hubba hubba)
Photos of OL Set Models
Sam to Attend Festival Télé De Monte Carlo in June
New Book 9 Daily Lines from Diana

Posts with Outlander News:

Behind the Scenes Video of the Emmy Magazine Shoot
Episode 13 "The Watch" Review/Recap Round-Up
Outlander Podcast Interviews with Ron D. Moore and Mike Barker
Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x13 Podcast (ft. Toni Graphia & Matt B. Roberts)
Outlander BTS Video from BBC2's "How Scotland Works"
#AskOutlander: Maril Davis Q&A on Twitter
Scenery Porn! Metin & Matt's Pics from 1x13/1x14
Episode 14 "The Search" Review/Recap Round-Up
Laura Donnelly #AskOutlander
Caitriona Fucking Balfe's 5/14/15 #AskOutlander
Set Report: Wentworth's Dark Scenes from 1x15
1x16 - "To Ransom A Man's Soul" Promo
Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x15 Podcast (ft. Ira Steven Behr)
Episode 15 "Wentworth Prison" Review/Recap Round-Up
Ratings Update: Episodes 101 - 115
Season 2: Filming Locations & Casting - What We Know So Far [Book 2 Spoilers!] *Updated 5/25*
Outlander Costumes at The Grove
Super Spoilery Promo for episode 16!
Podcast Interviews with Toni Graphia & Mike Barker
Metin Tweeted Some 1x13/1x14 BTS Pics!
Emmy Magazine Scans

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Character Discussion: Jamie
🎉🎉 Queen Caitriona 100,000 Twitter Followers Celebration Post 🎉🎉
Craftlander Post! Whatcha working on, Sasseknitters?
Book Discussion: YA and Children's Books
Outlander Flashback—The Revival!
Outlander Fierce Females Segment (aka Spice Girls Tribute Post)
Outlander Things I Am Grateful For......!
A Hump Day Treat: Fandom Snark Post
ONTD_Sass Friending/Intro Post Part 3!
OT (but priceless): It is Eurovision Finale Watching Post!!!


Episode 115 GIF Recap: "Just Close Your Eyes and Think of Lallybroch"
ONTD_Sassenach Exclusive: Season 2 Poster!

Previous Round Up: April 27 - May 1.
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