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You Rank the Outlander Season 1 Episodes

Since the season is now complete.

It is now time for us to rank the episodes!

Today, Paste Magazine posted their own list and it is posted below the cut:

16. “Rent” (Episode 5)
15. “The Search” (Episode 14)
14. “The Watch” (Episode 13)
13. “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” (Episode 10)
12. “Lallybroch” (Episode 12)
11. “The Way Out” (Episode 3)
10. “The Gathering” (Episode 4)
9. “Castle Leoch” (Episode 2)
8. “Sassenach” (Episode 1)
7. “The Reckoning” (Episode 9)
6. “Both Sides Now” (Episode 8)
5. “The Garrison Commander” (Episode 6)
4. “The Devil’s Mark” (Episode 11)
3. “Wentworth Prison” (Episode 15)
2. “The Wedding” (Episode 7)
1. “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” (Episode 16)

Do you agree with Paste Magazine? Or are they full of delusions and Frank love? Discuss and post your own list ranking the episodes. :)

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