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Round Up Post! "Au Revoir S1" Edition: May 27 - June 5

ICYMI in the Last (2) FFAF(s):

Outlander Editor Mikey O'Halloran Joins Twitter
Ron Talks S2 While Presenting Costumes at The Grove
Diana Explains Why (Book) Outlander Ends the Way it Does
Diana Explains Why (Book) Outlander Ends the Way it Does Part 2
Ron Denies Have Cast B & R
Photo of Sam, Diana, and Frazer Hines
Photo of Sam w/ a Fan in Glasgow
Photos of Cait at the IFTA's
Video of Cait Interviewed at the IFTA's
Photo of Cait in Dublin
Photos of Sam in Glasgow from 2014
Book 9 Daily Lines from DG
Video Interview (20 Mins) with Ron D. Moore
DG Talks Meeting Sam for the First Time
Interview w/ Cait from the LA Times
Photos of Sam & Cait Goofing Around Filming 1x15/1x16
KDS Did a Fan Talk Post-1x16
Terry Talks 1x16 Costumes
Cait Talks About Jamie Being Claire's Soul Mate
Video: Sam & Cait Talk Their Favorite Season 1 Moments
DG Interview About Jamie Healing Post-1x16
Emmy Submissions for Writers/Directors/Bear
DG Spoke to Vulture About Season 2
Translations of the Gaelic in 1x16
Sam Live Tweets Game of Thrones S5E08
New Cait Photoshoot from LA Press Days

Posts with Outlander News:

Globe & Mail: Outlander and the Triumph of a True Female Superhero
Two Articles About 1x16 - Vague Spoilers (Quotes from Ron, Tobias, & Sam)
Vulture: The Story Behind Outlander’s Disturbing Season One Finale
Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x16 Podcast (ft. Ira Steven Behr)
Episode 16 "To Ransom A Man's Soul" Review/Recap Round-Up
Ratings Update: Episodes 101 - 116
God is Real! Emmy Magazine Outtakes!

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Episode Discussion & Early Reactions: 1x16 - To Ransom A Man's Soul
I'm doing this FOR SCIENCE, OK? #pervnation
Live Discussion: 1x16 - To Ransom A Man's Soul (Starts @ 9p ET)
Can we talk about Sam Heughan's eyes?
Fic Rec Post
#Droughtlander 2.0 - Community Watch Suggestion Post
You Rank the Outlander Season 1 Episodes
Season 1 Vent Post: Tell Us How You Really Feel
Droughtlander 2.0: Community Watch/Live Discussions Poll #1!

Season 2 Filming Updates:

Filming Locations & Casting - What We Know So Far [Book Spoilers!] *Updated 6/2*
God is real.gif - First Outlander Casting news
Pics of Sam, Cait, & Duncan Filming Season 2 Today!
QT Fan Interaction w/ Cait on S2 Set
Another QT Fan Interaction w/ Sam on S2 Set
Photo of Sam & Cait Being QT on Set
Videos of S2 Filming
Video of Cait Photo-bombing Sam's Hair Continuity Photo
Video of Sam and Cait Filming Night Scene
Info on Final Block 1 Filming Locations


#InsiderScoops: The Original Ending for the Season 1 Finale of Outlander

Previous Round Up: May 1 - May 27.
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