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Season 2 fan casting! **SPOILERS**

Do NOT come into this post if you are trying to stay spoiler free for season 2 or you have not read DIA. There WILL be spoilers!!!

Almost all the main roles in DIA have been announced at this stage with two huge exceptions - Roger and Brianna. These are probably the two most anticipated castings after Jamie and Claire. Quite a few actors have been linked to the roles, but this is almost entirely fan speculation:

Amber Skye Noyes (no!)

Sharon Belle

Richard Rankin

Kevin Ryan (fuck no!)

Richard Madden

TPTB have been vague about whether these roles have actually been cast or not yet, but fans think Comic Con may be the big reveal.

This post is to fan cast the roles of Roger and Brianna and discuss the most likely contenders!
So what do you think of the above choices?
Who is your dream casting for Roger or Bree?
What do you most want from the actors who get the roles?
Who do you NOT want?

Thanks to iamalreadyinuse for suggesting this post :)

Tags: casting, season 2
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