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10 Scenes Outlander Fans Can'€™t Wait To See [OUTLANDER BOOK SPOILERS]

Jamie Bluffing His Way Into Fort Williams
Although the mid-season finale hinted that Jamie Fraser was armed when he appeared in the window to save Claire, in the books, fans find out that he bluffed his way in using an empty gun. Now that's courage!

Jamie And Claire Arguing After They Escape Black Jack's Clutches
Even though Jamie manages to rescue Claire from Black Jack, they argue due to the fact that they're from different time periods and have different notions of what a relationship should be like. However, it's important for their character development, as they need to clear the air between them so that they can find harmony in their new marriage.

"No Secrets."
Although "The Wedding" dropped the ball on this one, showrunner Ron Moore could always include the conversation that Jamie and Claire have about being honest with one another at a later date. It's one of the pivotal moments in the first book for both characters, and shows why Jamie and Claire work better as a couple.

Jamie Opening Up About His Father's Death
One of the most important scenes in the book is when Jamie finally opens up to Claire about what happened when Black Jack attempted to rape his sister Jenn and also about the day when his father died. It's an incredibly sad story that will touch the hearts of Jamie fans everywhere.

Claire Being Jealous Of Laoghaire
When Jamie and Claire finally return to Castle Leoch, the latter suspects that her husband still has feelings for the young girl. Her jealousy makes her a relatable character and it leads to Jamie admitting that the only woman he loves is Claire.

Geillis Duncan Murdering Her Husband
Once Geillis decides to get rid of Arthur Duncan in a desperate bid to marry Dougal, who is the father of her unborn child, things become incredibly tense in Cranesmuir. Unfortunately, Geillis's murderous impulses wind up affecting Claire as well.

Laoghaire Attempting To Have Claire Burned As A Witch
In her jealousy about Claire marrying Jamie, Laoghaire tricks the young nurse into visiting Geillis just as she's about to be arrested and tried for witchcraft. Since the Sassenach knows about the healing power of plants, she hopes Claire will die too so that Laoghaire can take her place by Jamie's side.

Jamie Saving Claire From The Witchcraft Trial

It's been said that one of the reasons why Dougal and Colum are so afraid of Jamie is because the young lad knows the power of showmanship. He uses this instinct to his advantage by making a rousing speech and pressing a rosary to Claire's cheek to prove that she's not a witch.

Geillis's Eerie Curse Upon Cranesmuir
After learning that Claire's a time-traveler, Geillis saves her life by pretending that she's a witch and admitting it to the townsfolk. While their bloodthirsty hysteria rises, she starts whirling around and calling upon the devil, which gives Claire and Jamie time to escape. During this eerie curse, Claire notices Geillis's small pox vaccination scar and realizes she's from the future as well.

Claire Admitting To Jamie That She's From The Future
It's one of the most pivotal moments of the series and it's incredibly tense too. After all, at first fans are led to believe that Jamie thinks she's crazy but after a few minutes of watching Claire sob hysterically, he quietly admits that he believes she's from the future. His laid-back acceptance shows exactly why Jamie is the right man for Claire and only solidifes their love.


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