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Summer 2015 TCA Press Tour: Outlander Mentions

(Sam, Cait, Lotte, and Chris Albrecht at the 1B NYC Premiere)

The Television Critics Association Summer press tour is happening right now and Starz had their moment in front of reporters yesterday. Outlander was a major focus during the Winter tour (see the post here), but this time around Starz was focused on promoting their new shows that are premiering during the rest of 2015. Still, there were a few mentions of our beloved show (though no Season 2 air date announcement). I posted some of this in the last FFAF but I thought I'd bring it out here for those who aren't checking that post.

- Black Sails was renewed early (again) for a Season 4. Season 3 is expected to air January 2016.
- Power is Starz's most watched show ever, with 6.4 million viewers per episode across platforms. (Outlander averages about 5 million).
- Starz is dropping all episodes of DaVinci's Demons and Flesh & Bone the day they premiere, but has said they will never go the binge watch model with Outlander (or other shows that would not be finishing their run, which is positive for a S3 pick up IMHO).
- Albrecht said: "No, some of the problem with this, and this is really what happened with the first season of Outlander, is just these shows take so much time to produce," Albrecht says. "We did 16 episodes, and we just actually started shooting Outlander again. If we waited for all the episodes to be done, so that they were all available at the same time, we would have to delay the debut of the first episode quite significantly."
- "The outspoken executive reiterated that his network was on track for an impressive 75-80 hours of original scripted programming all year and would continue focusing on underserved communities."
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