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Character Discussion Post: Roger

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't watched beyond season 1. This post, by nature of including discussion of a character in future books, will have spoilers for books 1-8. No need for spoiler tags.

Okay, y'all, let's discusss Roger Wakefield MacKenzie!

  • Do you think Roger will have a major role in S2? Will he be featured in the modern-day scenes as an adult or a child?

  • He's very observant of Claire. Does he have romantic or sexual feelings for her at any point in the books?

  • What do you think his real reasons for staying in the past were at the end of Drums of Autumn?

  • What character do you most enjoy seeing him interact with?

  • Is Roger a romantic hero in his own right?

  • Any other Roger stuff you'd like to talk about.

Who should play adult Roger, ontd_sass? #hotforteacher #hotforpreacher
Tags: character discussion, roger mackenzie
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