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Character Discussion Post: Lord John Grey

No, I didn't forget my bb Lord John Grey just because I'm on jury duty!! I know that mandersonmsp would be absolutely outraged if her fave LJG didn't get his own hump day discussion post. So without further ado...

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't watched beyond season 1. This post, by nature of including discussion of a character in future books, will have spoilers for books 1-8. No need for spoiler tags.

Okay, y'all, let's discusss Lord John William Grey!

  • Do you think he should be played by two different actors in Seasons 2 and 3 to mark the age difference/passage of time?

  • Lord John's romantic love for Jamie is unrequited. Do you think that makes it less significant or worthwhile than the other forms of romance we see in the Outlander novels? Can unrequited love be meaningful?

  • Lord John is the brother of a Duke. How does Diana's depiction of British nobility differ from other books you've read?

  • What character do you most enjoy seeing him interact with?

  • Why do you think he slept with Claire? What solace do you think he found in that?

  • In the vein of a similar question about Roger last week: Is Lord John a hero in his own right? Will he ever get a happy ending or is he a tragic figure?

  • Any other Lord John stuff you'd like to talk about.

Now that I've dropped my book club questions...who should play Lord John Grey, ontd_sass?
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