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Round Up Post! Edition: August 24 - September 6

ICYMI in the Last 2 FFAFs:

Diana's 2x11 Script is Done, in Proofing Stage
Sam Comments (Sort of) On Jamie & Claire in Later Seasons (Book Spoilers!)
New Book 9 Daily Lines from Diana
IG Video of Sam Working Out 😍😍😍
Tobias Performed David Foster Wallace Excerpt at Meltdown Fest
DG Explains OL Script Writing Process (Great Read!)
Sam & Bear Strength Say MPC2 is Coming "Soon"
Outlander Broke Viewership Records on Amazon Prime UK
Fan Does Palm Reading for Sam & Tobias
Pic of Sam Looking Hot Post-Workout
Fan Reports Sam Gave Up Train Seat for Her, Remains Gentleman
Matt Roberts Declares Scamp (aka Bouton) the Hardest Working Actor, Posts Pic
New Pic of Sam with Fan
New/Old Pic of Cait with Accordian
Another New/Old Pic of Sam with a Fan
New Season 1 BTS Pic
New Photos from HFPA Set Visit and Press Day (Lots more here as well)
Pic of Sam at 21st Century Kilt in Glasgow
Yet More New Pics of Sam with Two Fans
Old Pic of Sam as a Stock Photo Model
One more New Pic of Sam with a Fan in Edinburgh
Interview with Sam about Radio Times Poll, OL in the UK, and Blood Cancer
New Adorable Picture of Cait with a Baby
Sassy Recap of Diana's Appearance in Portland (thanks btwnthestacks!)
Brief Video Glimpse of Sam in WtSE
Ricky Gervais and Sam Have Cute Twitter Banter
Stanley Weber and Davie Take a Selfie
Sam and Davie Take Follow Up Selfie
Sam, Stanley, and Davie Have Twitter Banter
Another Pic of Sam Post-Work Out
Another IG Video of Sam Working Out
BTS Pic of Stanley, Dominique, and Lionel
More Brianna Audition Videos
At least Two different International Journalists Visited Set
Davie Posts Selfie with Stanley, Lionel, and Sam
Cait Returns to Twitter to Raise Awareness for Refugee Crisis
Stanley Chats with Diana on Twitter & Posts New Pic with Finnie; Remains Adorable
FightCamp Posts IG Video w/ Sam's Voice (and real accent?) in Background
New Pic of Sam Taken by Davie
Radio Times Teases Video of Sam Accepting TV Champion Trophy

Posts with Outlander News:

QT Interview with Tartan Bae for ELLE Canada!
Sam Heughan Set For Screen Gems Love Story ‘Oxford’
Sam Heughan thanks fingerless fans as he's crowned TV Champion 2015

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Outlander Fan Fiction: Book Edition, Volume 2
Sam vs. Cait - Sassenach style! (Round 2)
Character Discussion Post: Young Ian
Sassy Book Post (Get Hype!)
Character Discussion Post: William Ransom
Sassy Beauty & Health Post

Season 2 Filming Updates:

Season 2 Casting spoilers! (Potential spoiler even for book readers)
Pie Maker to Make Dinner for Two For Week of 8/23
Filming in Prague Will Last from 9/12 to 9/17
Glasgow Cathedral Was Closed from 8/24 to 8/27 for OL Filming
Sam Plans to Lose Weight for Second Half of Season 2
Maril Hearts Frances De La Tour Who is Back Filming
Fan Pictures & Info from Outside Glasgow Cathedral During Filming
Matt Roberts Teases that Block 4 is "Big"
Reptile Handlers Were On Set 9/3 & Posted Pic
"Big Filming Milestone" Reached 9/4

Previous Round Up: August 14 - 24.
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