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Character Discussion Post: Jocasta Isobeail MacKenzie Cameron Innes

It's time to discuss Jocasta, a true HBIC!

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't watched beyond season 1. This post, as it includes discussion of a character in future books, will have spoilers for books 1-8. No need for spoiler tags.

  • Who would you cast as Jocasta?

  • Jocasta is one of the greyer characters in the books, in that she can be quite ruthless, despite her outward decency, and keeps parts of herself very secret even from her own family. Do you think that the death of her daughters made her a harder, more uncompromising person or was she always like this?

  • How is Jocasta similar to the other MacKenzies we meet in these books (Jamie, Jenny, Colum, Dougal, Roger, Bree)? Is she like them at all?

  • Jocasta had a decades long relationship with her slave Ulysses. Was this character revelation surprising to you, and what do you think drew them to each other?

  • #savemurtagh Do you think that Jocasta should marry Murtagh instead of Duncan Innes? #savemurtagh

  • What do you think Jocasta and Duncan are up to now that they are in Canada?

  • Any other Jocasta stuff you'd like to talk about.

Going forward, would you prefer I do character posts for some of the bigger characters (Claire/Dougal/Frank, etc.) again? Or should I keep going with some of the smaller characters?

Tags: aunt jocasta, character discussion
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