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Round Up Post! Edition: September 6 - 18

ICYMI in the Last 2 FFAFs:

Stanley Weber at Kiehl's Photo Call
OL Drivers + Cait + PA Take "Selfie" on Sam's Phone
Stanley and Sam Have QT Twitter Banter
Video of Stanley Reading Alfred de Musset
DG Drops Interesting S1 BTS Facts on Compuserve
BTS Pics of Sam's Photo Shoot for The Box Magazine
More BTS Pics for The Box Magazine
A Summary of the That Week's Fandom Drama By booklovinggal!
Old Pics of Model!Cait
Join the ONTD_Sass GoodReads Group!
Pic of Sam Recording Audiobook of Cassandra Clare's Next Shadowhunter Book
New Pic of Cait & Friends in London
Cait Celebrates Her "Castaversary" on Twitter
We Celebrated ONTD_Sass's 1st Anniversary!
New Pic of Cait, Graham, Duncan and Sam Hanging Out
DG Clarifies Book 1's Opium "Healing" Scene
Ron Comments on Season 3 Prospects
Ron Comments on Costumes as Spoilers
Old Pic of Sam Bartending
Sam with Fans in Prague/Ass GrabGate
Pic of Duncan, Cait, and Sam in Prague
Baguette Bae Looks Amazing in SM Pics
Diana, Sam, and Stanley Talk About Asses, and here too!
Sam Responds to Ass GrabGate
New Pic of Graham from HFPA Visit
Bear Talks Outlander & Fans at Creative Arts Emmys Red Carpet
Random AF Ad? Magazine Cover? With Sam in Background
Ron & Terry Answer Sick Fan's Questions on Twitter
DG Posts Long Comment on Outlander Coloring Book
Cait Posts Photo of Prague Thanking Fans

Posts with Outlander News:

Outlander in Radio Times (Digital Edition)
An Open & Honest Letter To STARZ from Outlander Cast (the podcast, not the actors!)
Caitriona Fucking Balfe: Girl on Top!
Full English Breakfast Named YahooTV's Best Sex Scene
Chris Albrecht Says Nice Things About Outlander and Starz's Future
How Outlander Composer Bear McCreary Set the Mood for That Post-Spanking Love Scene

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

The Sassy Fashy Purse Post
ALERT: Sam Settles ONTD_SASS Debate on Carrot Cake
Character Discussion Post: Jocasta Isobeail MacKenzie Cameron Innes

Season 2 Filming Updates:

Season 2 filiming in Prague: PICS!!!
French Cast/Crew Tweeting About Hiatus
More Prague Filming Pics
Even More Prague Pics!
Baguette Bae is in Prague
Cait in Costume With a Fan in Prague
Sam in Costume With Fans in Prague
Tartan Bae Looking AMAZING With Fan in Prague
Tartan Bae With Small Girl Child in Prague
Another Photo of Sam in Costume in Prague

Previous Round Up: August 24 - September 6.
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