the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote in ontd_sassenach,
the waitress at milliways

What Has Quiche Bae™ Been Up To?

- Catastrophe Season 2 (Premieres October 27)

- Game of Thrones Season 6 (Premieres April 2016)

- Underworld V (Premieres 2016)

Tobias also appeared at Meltdown Fest 2015 and read a David Foster Wallace essay (This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life) on August 23.

And ICYMI, he read an excerpt from The Iliad in mid-August as part of a 14 hour performance put on by the British Museum.

Finally, he has made a few activism related appearances recently, including one at a #NoTTIP rally on October 10:

Sassies, do you always wear grey t-shirts to your public appearances?
Tags: creaturely delights, hot teacher, non-outlander project, quiche bae, rather fetching, round up, sahara desert levels of thirst, spatially blessed, such agonies you have caused me, tobias (and his socks) are so quiche, tobias menzies, tobias's grey t-shirt, tobiased, you're so fucking classy
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