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October Book Club Discussion: The Legend of Lyon Redmond

It's time to discuss our first ontd_sassenach book club read: The Legend of Lyon Redmond! It's a book with a beautiful cover...did what's inside live up? As October comes to a close, let's discuss beggars, first love, orange trees, kidnap, and man whore heroes.

Remember, November's book club read is Here be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman! Now, onto this month's book club discussion...

Feel free to share your review of the book if you wrote one or link us to other reviews of the novel that you found interesting or worth reading. Don't feel pressure to answer all of the questions below. Go ahead and pick and choose or just share your general thoughts about the story.

  • The first book in this series was published in 2008. Do you think think this novel was worth the more than seven year wait?

  • Did Lyon and Olivia, as individuals, make for a three-dimensional hero and heroine? In what ways, if any, did they change in their five years apart? Were those changes for the better?

  • I've read a number of reviews that said the flashback portion of this book perfectly captured the feeling of first love. Do you agree with this?

  • Perhaps most important to a romance novel: Did you buy Olivia and Lyon's love? Do you think it had more depth after five years apart, and the hero and heroine deserved each other and their happy ending?

  • One of the most persistent complaints I've seen about this book is that Lyon slept with other women in his five years away from Olivia, while she remained a virgin and quite chaste, apart from a few kisses with her fiancee. Did this bother you? Did it bother you that Lyon told Olivia about his dalliances - what was he hoping to gain or prove by telling her?

  • What purpose did the beggar and dress shop charade serve in the story? It's noted that the beggar (Lyon Redmond in disguise) "blessed" Olivia outside the dress shop each time she gave him money. Did this mean anything or say anything about their relationship? © heromatsumoto

  • If you could change one thing about this book what would it be?

  • How did The Legend of Lyon Redmond compare to other Historical Romances with a similar plot line (lost love reunited)? How did this book stack up to other end of series Historical Romance novels - was it satisfying, worth the wait, the right couple featured? © fenchurchly

  • Now that the Pennyroyal Green series is finished, what do you think about the series overall? Would you recommend it unequivocally or were there points where you were disatisfied with the books, the writing, or the characters? © carminaburana

  • Bonus: What was your favorite line or passage from this book?

I refuse to waste space in this post with a question about that lame ass epilogue, Sassies.

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