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Irish Examiner article on Caitriona Balfe

‘Outlander’ role a perfect fit for Irish star Balfe

The home-grown star of the time travel TV sensation which is being billed as the next Game of Thrones has told of her excitement at the arrival of Outlander on Irish screens.

Caitriona Balfe has become an overnight star in America with her leading role as the beautiful English heroine, Claire Randall, in the adaptation of the historical fantasy book series which has pulled in audiences of up to 8m across the Atlantic.

The major new period blockbuster, set to be aired on RTÉ Two tomorrow tonight at 11pm (If any of our members are in Ireland and get RTÉ Two, please tune in/set your DVRs/log on to the Outlander page on the RTE2Live website and support the show), is already being billed as the feminist answer to Game of Thrones (OP: Uhhh...), thanks to her central role of the feisty World War One combat nurse.

The Irish catwalk model turned actress can’t wait for her family to see her role in the blockbuster, but she has tipped off her parents to put on the kettle during the show’s famous love scenes.

“I think I’ve pre-warned my parents that there are a couple of scenes they can go out and make a cup of tea during, but they will enjoy watching it,” says the Monaghan star.

Remainder of Article @ the Source

Article By Lynne Kelleher

Pic by me (for those who are too new to know that, we've had a bit of a growth spurt as of late), because I hate the ultra-closeup photo used at the source.
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