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Our Team Is Going to the Superbowl!*... er, World Cup Finals?!

Being nominated for GG best drama (and really any nomination) is a team award, and what a team it is! Besides a phenomenal cast, let’s give a shout out to the entire crew, the brilliant writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and camera crew, the music, the sets, makeup (and prosthetics! like Jamie’s back!), sound, art, visual affects, editing, casting, stunt men and women, location scouts, Scotland(!), the costume design, Terry Dresbach and her team. It literally takes a village, or rather, a clan! With a Clan Chief, Diana whatshername(kidding!).

Let me put on some Bear McCreary here while we consider this... (also here)

*Superbowl analogy from phntmfan! (post was so long i thought i'd move it to before the cut!)

Without everyone, we wouldn't be so beautifully and realistically immersed into Gabaldon's worlds of the 1740s AND 1940s:

Without Terry Dresbach and her team, we wouldn't have:

Without makeup and prosthetics and a heck of a lot of patience (Sam!), we wouldn't have:
(I know they did a lot of other work, but this was such an important part of his painful backstory, and we felt it! And hey, that's for Geillis's belly, not her boobs!... I think. And that's for Jamie's back, not his butt!... I think...)

Without Murtagh, we wouldn't have this or this:

We wouldn't know how to put on our kilts!

Then there are the very smart folks who make sure the actors don't get blown up! Yikes!

To Be Continued!! Or add your own favorites!!

*Superbowl analogy from phntmfan!
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