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What Inspired Outlander?

pinteresques and flippet were having a conversation in the latest FFA about what things might have inspired and influenced the Outlander books. As pinteresques said, "Doctor Who can't be the only thing that inspired DG." Flippet suggested a post based around the following question:

What do you think could have been 'inspiration' for Outlander - prior to, or post-publication, we're not picky!

I think this could be fun to discuss. For example, I reread the book Whitney, My Love a few months ago, and I definitely feel like that style of historical romance inspired Diana's writing; the spanking scene in that book, in particular, put me in mind of the scene that Diana would later write.

What other works or trends do you think have influenced Diana's writing? What do you think could have been 'inspiration' for Outlander - prior to, or post-publication?

Tags: book!all, creaturely delights, i know my way around a library, not enough horsey, sassesnacks, sassychat, speculation, verra pleased with ourselves
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