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Fanart and Covers

So I was bumbling along Diana's website one day and found her "Outlandish Covers" gallery via her Links page.
And oh what a find it was.
It's a collection of international Outlander covers, and a testament to poor webdesign/colors/navigation.
But therin lies the beauty: Some of these covers are truly lovely. Others... not so much. There is bad photoshop and strange design choices abound!
They reminded me of the tragic fanart we sometimes encounter. And since there hasn't been a fanart post in a while, let's post our favorites (good and bad)! Paintings, drawings, poems, fanfiction! Did it make you cringe? Share it.
Come with me on a journey....

I don't actually know of much fanart for this fandom, so just picked out my favorite (mostly) bad covers. But there are plenty of nice ones. They are not all bad, as most countries printed a few versions of the books. Some of these are not even in print anymore.

France starts us off strong with a Louisiana river cruise (that is not historically accurate to the book setting) and Claire/Brianna stand-in that is floating in the sky like some twisted, nuclear, fever dream. Notice the placement of DG's name. Does she hope readers will assume this woman is her?

Continuing on the trend of floating faces in the sky, is a slightly perturbed Claire in the calming blue overlooking the destruction of her house. This cover is French Canadian.

The same image is used again! Claire's face is internally screaming. The ocean churns below a levitating packet of letters with no address.

One of Japan's covers brings the sentiment of a lotion commercial, highlighting a "mountain fresh scent". More Claire-like women staring off into space.

This is legit my favorite Outlander cover, I have nothing snarky to say about it. Except I swear this is a sillohette from a videogame or anime fanart.

This DEFINITELY looks like it's from Final Fantasy VII, but it get's points for drawing comparisons to Brianna's and Aerith's appearance. Or maybe I am just imagining things.

Lithuania brings on visual confustion with lots of busy imagery. What are we even looking at!? We got birds in a red sky, flying through Jaime and Claire's silohettes, over a bridge and rocky shore, with a bagpipe wedged in some rocks, festively covered by a maple leaf. What?

A US cover displays this interesting vingette that provides more questions than answers. Who is the creepy man with the bunsen burner? Why is Claire dressed as little red riding hood? Why is Jaime so weird looking?

Norway brings us back to creepy faces in the sky. This time, Claire looks very doubtul and concerned with the rigging of this ship.

And here, looking very anxious, complete with infant and ticking pocket watch. Norway doesn't fuck around, is what we are learning.

A giant derp-seal eyes it's prey, along with an even more giant, ghost Claire from the deep.

Norway does it again with skyClaire, but this time she is sick of losing her Oregon Trail travelers to dysentery, god dammit.

Russia is VERY into Outlander covers, for some reason. And have many fantastical variations. Here are some now! Wait, who is this!?

Laying on the cheese thick here, we got lightening, an open shirt, an unsheathed dagger, and a very large sporran to add to the drama of this cover. Seriously, whi is the sporran down to his knees?

Russia is very inconsistent with their artistic interpretations. Here is Claire from an 80s music video, where she is topless with Rosanne hair. Jaime looks on, utterly confused or staring into the sun.

Don't have too much fun over there kids! Back to old white men in wigs. Would you look at this book and think: Romance?

Russia also did something pretty funny: Photoshopping Cait and Sam's heads on various other bodies. With all different light sources.

But also still print artist-interpretation covers too? Blonde Jaime ignores Claire as she falls off the cliff beside him.

And how could we forget steampunk pirate Claire! Her jaunty beret and giant white corset really tie the outfit together.

Slovenia is tired of this "artist's rendition" crap. And brings out a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Claire. Because her appearance is never mentioned, ever.

Taiwan doesn't even try. They just take some graphics from LJ in 2009, and add coffee-ring stains. And purple horses.
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