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TELE-talk: Outlander with Toni Graphia

A summary of the video. Some of the stuff we have heard a 100 times but some interesting tidbits. Audience Q&A starts at 25:30, none of them are embarrassing.

• Heard they were doing the series through the press.
• Had worked with Ron on Roswell, Carnivale, and Battlestar Galactica.
• Ron called to ask if she wanted to interview for Outlander and only gave her a day notice.
• She picked up the book at the bookstore right before the interview thinking that she could page through it and get the gist of it, was sadly mistaken when she saw how thick the book was.
• Sort of bs’ed her way through the interview.
• There are only 4 writers, which is unusual because there are normal 10-15 on a series.
• Two of the writers have read all the books and the other two, which includes her, haven’t.
• The equal divide is on purpose because they want a well rounded writing team.
• Sometimes the writers that have read ahead drop spoilers in their discussions.
• They all like to write different things.
• Ira loves Black Jack, Matt loves Jamie, and Toni loves Geillis and female friendships.
• They like talking about the time travel. However, they try to use “refrigerator logic” when dealing with the time travel. Refrigerator logic meaning when a viewer wakes up the next morning, they shouldn’t be questioning an aspect of writer’s logic. When a viewer does that, then they didn’t do their job. The most important thing should be about what is happening between the characters and the emotion involved.
• They try to be accurate historically and with the story and not “throw out all the rules” because it isn’t respectful to the audience. They figure that if we are paying too close of attention to that then we aren’t enjoying the story, we’re just picking it apart. (Uses the “it’s entertainment” excuse)
• Talks about how the costumes are so “authentic”. Sort of shades other productions because their costumes are up to Outlander’s quality.
• “I think I’m going to a fucking barbecue” was a Ron line. Toni’s favorite line.
• Toni really wanted to write the witch trial.
• The regret that Claire supposedly feels about figuring out Geillis was from the future and it being too late, the “fucking barbecue” line, was what supposedly motivated Claire to tell Jamie the truth. Mostly, she just wanted the witch trial in her episode and used that to bridge the two events together.
• The moment in the prisoner’s hole where they talk about the bird is Cait’s favorite part. Cait loves that it tells a bit of Claire’s back-story.
• They didn’t plan on having the sex scenes appeal to the female gaze. It organically came about.
• Toni specifically wanted to have it where Jamie watches Claire.
• The men on the writing team did question whether that would actually happen. She told them, “we aren’t talking about any guy, we are talking about Jamie.”
• "On your feet, soldier" was an homage to the first episode. [Spoiler (click to open)]That line is going to be in the second season.
• Toni listened to a podcast where they were speculating about if Claire actually went through the stones or not. She seemed shocked that they questioned that.
• At the stones, there was a lot of dialogue and voiceover planned but when they shot it, Cait’s acting was all that they needed.
• They shot the stone's ring close up at a different time and location. They carted around one of the stones for two weeks and tried to get Cait at lunch. One day, Cait was finally able to film the close up.
• Toni thinks Ron is a phenomenal editor.
• Ron doesn’t give a lot of notes to the writers.
• Ron switched the order of the witnesses at the witch trial around in editing.
• At the beginning of each season,they split the book up and plot the chapters for each episode. That doesn’t mean that they are evenly split.
o Ex. Garrison Commander was about a paragraph in the book and that become a whole episode.
o The Watch wasn’t even in the book, only mentioned. They made a whole episode off a mention.
• They don’t want filler episodes so they pack in the episodes with events.
• Ron usually writes the first one and then typically it goes by hierarchy but they are all pretty much equal in this writing room.
• Unlike in network TV, they all go off and write their scripts and then they come back together and revise them. Then Ron reads it and it is revised again. Then it goes to the network and you revise it with their notes. Sometimes the network will ask for scenes to be included. Then the show goes into production with a production draft that is gone over again; mostly for weather, time constraints, and cost.
• They sometimes trade and barter scenes for their episodes.
• Toni wanted a callback to the pilot in Rent with the vase. She was really disappointed that they couldn’t do it because the huts where they filmed didn’t have windows and there weren’t any flowers because it was winter.
• When this talk happened, Diana’s episode hadn’t been shot. Diana loved writing her script.
• The Mary Queen of Scots watch in “The Watch” was her “thing” for the episode and she had to fight for it. She even went as far as to say she would pay out of pocket for them to make it. They were going to have to make it for copyright reasons.
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