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Best Week Ever™ '16: Tons of Industry Events and Press!

🙏🙏🙏 that they look this good again at the events this week!

Lots of potential for tons of press and goodness this week, y'all! Here's the (unofficial) breakdown (there will be individual posts for all of these):

Wednesday, January 6 - People's Choice Awards @ 6p PT
We won't know for sure if Sam and Cait are attending (unless they release the seating chart early like last year) until they show up on the red carpet, but I think it's very likely.

Thursday, January 7 - ET Facebook Live Stream @ 3:30p PT
Sam and Cait appearing on Entertainment Tonight's Facebook in a video live stream where they will be answering fan questions.

Friday, January 8 - TCA (Television Critics Association) @8a PT
Starz begins their presentation early in the morning, but individual panels may happen throughout the day. This will likely be attended by Ron, Sam, Cait, & Diana. This is not televised and video of it is not released, as it is just for members of the press. We usually get an article with a pretty good transcript, though. There may also be a new trailer released in tandem.

Friday, January 8 - Starz Celebrates 2016 Globe Nominees @7p PT
Starz celebrates their six nominations (for drama series “Outlander,” limited series “Flesh & Bone” and actors Patrick Stewart, Caitriona Balfe, Sarah Hay and Tobias Menzies) at at the Chateau Marmont. Safe bet Sam, Cait, and Tobias will be there.

Saturday, January 9 - BAFTA LA Tea Party @2p PT
This will likely be attended by Sam, Cait, & Tobias. This isn't televised, but like last year, we can expect official photos to start pouring out of the event pretty much immediately.

Sunday, January 10 - Golden Globe Awards @5p PT
This is the big one! This will likely be attended by Ron, Sam, Cait, Tobias*, Diana, Maril, Anne, and Ira. There is a Live Red Carpet event prior to the ceremony as well, and many after parties once the ceremony is over.

*Tobias is currently working on a play in London so it is possible that he won't make the trip to LA, but I doubt it considering this is his first major award nod.

All links in this post go to the post for the same event last year if you wish to walk down memory lane :).
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