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Golden Globe Red Carpet Video Interviews w/ Sam, Cait, & Tobias

This is a really cute interview with the trio! Sam even mentions... *gasp* Season 3! Source.

Short but sweet interview with Cait who describes her favorite scene in Season 2 so far (it probably actually isn't, but is spoiler free!). Source.

Sam talks about starting Making a Murderer on Saturday and watching until 2A! Cait did yoga Sunday morning. Tobias got off the plane at 10:30a and took a swim in the hotel pool.

Celebs Do Jell-O Shots At The Golden Globes

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Monday, January 11, 2016

At about 1:10 into this video Tobias does a jello shot! (Thanks carminaburana!)

If others are released I'll add to this post!

Tags: award / award shows, best week ever, caitriona balfe, golden globe awards, sam heughan, tobias menzies, video
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