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Best Week Ever™ '16 Round Up!

There was A LOT going on in Outlander world this week. If you need a refresher, this was the schedule of events. Below is a round up of the related posts plus the various big news stories that popped up! Enjoy!

January 6
New Outlander Scenes Spotted in a Starz Promo - "You're a dirty daring woman, Sassenach."

People's Choice Awards 2016 - Sam lost, Cait & the show took home wins but were not in attendance.

January 7
Sam & Cait on Entertainment Tonight Live Stream - A 15 minute (or so) long video Q&A session.

Sam & Cait Thank Fan for PCA Wins - And did a weird finger stroking thing? IDK.

January 8
Television Critics Association Winter 2016 - Ron, Diana, Sam, & Cait attended the day long, press focused event.

Starz Released New BTS Video w/ Season 2 Footage - It's different than the one that was shown to critics, but there is a lot of new stuff included.

Sam & Cait Set Romance Rumors Straight
- Well, this happened.

Starz's Golden Globes Party at the Chateau Marmont - Sam, Cait, Lotte, & others attended!

January 9
BAFTA LA Tea Party - Sam, Cait, & Lotte attended.

January 10
Round Up of TCA & BAFTA Tea Party Press - Featuring Sam, Cait, Ron, & Diana.

Golden Globe Red Carpet + Awards Live Discussion! - While there were no Outlander wins, Sam, Cait, Tobias, Diana, Ron, & Maril all looked fab and seemed to have a great time!

E!'s "Glambot" Was the Gift We Didn't Know We Needed - Sam did his best Bond, while Cait did her best (aka it's flawless) Real Housewives credits pose.

Round Up of Golden Globe Red Carpet Video Interviews - Lots of cute moments with everyone, including Sam (accidentally?) mentioning going back for Season 3.
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