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*super CEREAL* Discussion of S1/S2/Outlander/DIA (Spoilers)

Jezebel recently made a post about the S2 trailer and the comments section had me jazzed!
Lot's of interesting talking points I thought this community would jump on!
Things I havent really seen discussed in other places, or wanted to get some serious fan opinions on.
If you have a kinja account, do the lord's work and stop by. Maybe even mention the niche we carved out for ourselves here!

Anyway, some discussion topics:

  • Outlander has a lot of rape or near-rape scenes. Does the show over-rely on this as a plot tactic? Is it comparable to Game of Thrones? Or is it a testament to the source material, and the frequency rape is used there?

  • Do you feel Jaime's rape scene was sexialized? In the show? In the book? Do you feel the character sexualized it? Or were we just seeing the scene as BJR saw it? Is sexualizing rape a common theme of DG's writing?

  • Related quote: "They’re making it sexual because it’s an adaptation, and it’s sexual in the source material. Outlander is Diana Gabaldon’s kinks set to historical fiction, and Diana Gabaldon is into pretty men suffering, eroticized rape, and male-on-male sexual menace. In terms of kinky fiction they’re actually fairly tame and there’s a lot of other stuff going on in them, but the kink factor is definitely there. A large percentage of the fanbase also considers those elements, especially the Jaime suffering, to be a feature not a bug." -turnipforwhat

  • Has the humor from the books been lost in the adaptation?

  • Do you feel an HBO or Showtime adaptation would have been different? Better? Worse?

  • Agree or disagree with the following: "I tried one of the books and it was painful but then again, it isn’t for actual people in Scotland. It is for people who live a long way away." -Milk Shakin' Daft Bollocks

  • Do you think the books are well-written. Not just as page-turners, but good literature? If so, why? If not, why not? And in either case, does or should it matter?

  • Do you feel DG's romance novels follow patterns of other romance novels? Or do they turn the genre on its head?

  • Do you like the audiobooks?

And for those of you who don't get the Cereal reference.
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