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More Terry Costumes Q&A (And Sweet Message to Fans!)

Note, I've edited some of the questions for length and to make them non-spoilery for Season 2. If you go to the source you may be spoiled on the setting of where some of Season 2 takes place.

1 - Terry, will time constraints allow for embroidery during season 2? [Redacted Season 2 Location], but I know you have a ton to do and only so much time to do it in.

Going off of that, is there room for extra help? I have heard that knitters couldn’t volunteer because of legal difficulties, but if you had ‘intern’ embroiderers stitching your designs, would that get around the legal issues? I’m only asking because it sounds like you could use extra hands, and there’s a fairly sizable (and skilled) community of historic embroiderers who would love to contribute to this kind of project. I don’t know if this could actually work on Outlander, but as an embroiderer I have loved the costuming, your creative vision, and am really looking forward to season 2!

Thank you so much for your kind offer. I get so many of these and they are most appreciated. My very first fan interaction was to reach out to fans at the start of S1, when we realized that rentals were so limited and were trying to figure out how and where we were going to get everything in such a short time. My idea was to include the fans in the making of caps, aprons, all sorts of accessories. Not only would it be helpful, but I loved the very spirit of it. After all it is OUR communal show. How awesome would it be if everyone was involved.
But alas, not to be. Giant corporations just don’t allow for such organic occurrences.
I would just kill to be able to utilize all the skilled hands out there, but it is just not going to happen.

I can’t accept goods, I can’t accept labor, and I can’t even hire fans.

We will all have to just enjoy each others company, and I will continue to find motivation in your support. The film business is a very interesting business. The positive reactions I receive, are mainly from all of you. We usually toll away with little or no recognition. This is a whole new world, where we get such a significant and immediate response to the costumes. To be so appreciated and to know our work is meeting with everyone’s approval is a very novel experience. If we are lucky, we hear good things about our work, around awards seasons, if not, most of get our approvals from being hired again. Other than that it is usually the sounds of crickets chirping.

So please know what a significant amount you all contribute to our morale and to our motivation! I print out a lot of your comments and post them on the walls of our lunchroom and hallways. Our hardworking crew reads them and it matters. It matters a lot.
Thank you all!!!

How many yards of fabric were in the wedding dress? Do you have someone on staff that weaves the special fabrics for you? [For Season 2], will you get most of your fabrics in Europe or do you already have ideas and ship from LA?

The wedding dress had 12 meters of fabric. We did have an amazing weaver in London weave fabric initially for the dress, in wool, but it just proved to be too navy to wear.

I brought back books and books of same fabrics from Europe, to make clothes from (for Season 2). I will design and choose fabrics then my team will purchase and begin to make the insane number of principal costumes.


Sassenachs, what was your favorite costume in Season 1 so far?
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