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Outlander hunk Sam Heughan loves UK low profile (Scottish Sun interview)

Outlander hunk Sam Heughan loves UK low profile

OUTLANDER hunk Sam Heughan has told how he’s HAPPY the show isn’t on mainstream TV in the UK — so he can stroll down the street in peace. The £50million fantasy epic, filmed across Scotland, aired on on-demand service Amazon Prime last year after the net giant snapped up its rights from Sony.But a part of the star is glad it’s not shown on the small screen here.

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Down-to-earth Sam, from New Galloway near Dumfries, said: “We’re in our own little bubble in Scotland. The show isn’t as well-known as it is in America so it’s quite nice. But we’re glad the fans like the show and were building new fan bases all the time. In the UK it’s slowly building. It’s nice to be in a show that’s well received.”

Filming for season two of the Starz time travel show just wrapped on Sunday. But Sam, 35, revealed the treacherous winter caused havoc on set. Crew often had to take breaks due to flooding and as a result, they had to allow for more time to finish up the second instalment.
In fact, the TV superstar had to turn down a movie role because of the weather delay. Sam said: “I’m supposed to be filming a movie right now called Oxford, but our schedules changed what with the weather conditions. We had to stay here a little longer than expected so that fell through. There are lots of things out there though and it’s exciting times.”

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Sam — who plays Highland warrior Jamie Fraser — now splits his time between Scotland and LA. But despite his glitzy showbiz career, the actor has no plans to set down roots in Tinseltown.
Instead, he uses trendy apartment rental service Airbnb when he touches down in La La land.

He said: “I don’t really know where I live to be honest. I live in Glasgow when shooting here and when I’m in LA I use Airbnb. I’m there for six months at a time — you don’t want to stay in a hotel all the time. I lived in London for years and of course I love LA, but there’s something I love about this country, it’s a very unique lifestyle. One day I’d like to end up here.”

Sam and the rest of the cast are about to about to embark on a world press tour to promote series two. But he made time for an appearance in Glasgow yesterday, to promote recycling campaign, Pass It On Week, organised by Zero Waste Scotland. He urged the public to donate unwanted clothing to The Empty Shop at Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre as part of the campaign. He added: “It’s all about encouraging people in a fun way to get involved and to recycle their clothes.”

OP: the rest of the cast? YAY!
Maybe now he'll get some minor role in a real movie rather than the lead in a straight to vhs movie...


ETA: Samcaitlife has 40-ish pics from the Zerowaste website.
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