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jamesandclairefraser asked: Hi Sam and Cait. The amazing chemistry between the two of you is something that many people talk about and it's part of the reason why the show is so popular. It's clear that you have a great friendship, so what I'd love to know is what's the one quality that you admire most about each other?

Sam: Caitriona’s generosity of sharing a bloody mary.
Caitriona: His kindness and his thoughfulness.

marieinthemist asked: We're doing a *30 Days of Oultander* challenge, counting down until premiere day. One of them is to pick your favorite location from Season 1 (indoors or outdoors). Which one was your favorite, Sam and Caitriona? #30DaysOfOL

Caitriona: Loch Rannoch.
Sam: It has to be the same. Where we shoot the standing stones. There’s a beautiful mountain there Schiehallion.

arealgrits4au asked: The Fraser motto is Je suis prest; What would your personal motto be?

Sam: Challenge yourself every day.
tingleamy asked: What has been your favorite Claire and Jamie moment so far?

Caitriona: There’s some beautiful moments coming up this season. They’re very special and we’re excited for our fans to see it.

demonsunshine asked: Can you tell about the next season in 3 words?

Caitriona: Intrigue. Heartbreak and closure.
Sam: Fate. Blood. Redwine.

hockeywwegirl asked: If you had to give advice to anyone traveling back to 1743, what would it be?

Caitriona: Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.
Sam: Bring a sword. Learn to speak Gaelic and French.

noregretsjustlovecc asked: S1 or S2 which one was harder to perform emotionally and physically? love you guys! ceci

Sam: They’re both completely different with their own challenges. However, Season 2 is more complex.

thirteenofdiamonds asked: Who's the troublemaker in set?

Duncan LaCroix. Enough said.

sarcasmisalifechoice asked: The costumes for the first season of Outlander were insanely beautiful, and from what we've seen of season two they continue to stun. What were you're favourite costumes from both seasons?

Caitriona: My tartan dress from the season 2 poster and my ‘40s nightgown from season 1… and all of my Parisian wardrobe.
Sam: The kilt and the kilt. However I get some awesome clothes in Paris.


melonieross asked: Which of the new actors added to Season 2 is the funniest on set and can you share a story?

Sam: Lionel who plays King Louie was very funny and some ad libbing moments in French between the two of us that can never be repeated.

it-only-ends-once asked: If you had the opportunity to travel back in time, but couldn't gurantee your return would you?

Caitriona: No way.

callmeder asked: Ok, most important question ever: Would you rather fight 100 duck-size horses or one horse-size duck?

Caitriona: Duck size horses. Imagine having 100 of those running around your feet. That would be amazing.
Sam: That’s a stupid question. There’s no such thing as a horse sized duck.
…Nevermind, I just saw a picture of one.

robynwarnock asked: My question is for both Sam and Cait and it's the same question. Sam now that you have experienced both worlds of living in the dirt and living in luxury. What do you prefer the silks and lace, or the good old fashion tartans and kilts? The same question is for Caitriona, silks and lace or good old fashion wools and tartan? Love to you both 😍😘❤️

Caitriona: Wools and Tartan.
Sam: The same. We both love Scotland.

steampanic asked: Do you think you and your characters would get along if you met them in real life?

Caitriona: Yes.
Sam: Jamie would be a great drinking buddy.

oscarisaaic asked: If you could bring ONE thing from the 21st century with you in the 18th century, what would it be?

Caitriona: Soap. Without a doubt.

lavandulasmiles asked: What the funniest thing you've seen happen on the set of outlander?

Caitriona: Richard Rankin driving a car.

technicallycleverdaze asked: In season two, what are the qualities Claire and Jamie bring to the partnership which help them undertake their daunting task?

Sam: They support each other and have faith in one another. They have a drive and determination and they learn to manipulate.

gotham-ruaidh asked: If you could pick one "behind the camera" job, what would it be and why?

Caitriona: I would love to direct. Then you get to work and collaborate with all of the departments. That would be a lot of fun.
Sam: The coffee guy. You get unlimited caffeine and you get to see everyone.

loution asked: Can Sam actually speak Gaelish ? (SIC!)

Caitriona: First of all…what language is Gaelish?
Sam: What is that? Do I have to speak Jamish?
Caitriona: I speak Clairish.

lavandulasmiles asked: Is there anything about the other person that annoys you?

Caitriona: Sam always steals my snacks and gets the first coffee of the day.
Sam: Caitriona bribes my horse with treats. Always. It’s very annoying.

it's over. ofc my question wasn't answered. *pouts*

Thanks for all of the great questions everyone! We had a lot of fun this afternoon.
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