Danai (abeleit) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

"Sassy or Die" presents: Outlander Comedy Edition

Since dark times are coming Since the rewatch of 1.15-1.16 is approaching Since we all could use a laugh and Outlander provided quite a few of them, being intentional or not

(I mean, I LOLed so hard at this scene but it wasn't supposed to be funny:)

+ What is your favourite comedic moment of S1/book 1? what are your faves from book 2 and beyond?

+ Who is the funniest character of S1/book 1? from book 2 and beyond?

+ What are the accidentally comedic moments from the show and the books?

+ Is there a character you find less funnier in the book than in the show, and vice-versa?

+ What is your favourite humorous line from the show/books?

+ What's the funny moment you hope will be included in S2?

Feel free to add more questions!

Please use the spoiler tag to discuss everything beyond S1/book1.
Thanks and have fun!
Tags: book discussion, character discussion, episode discussion, is that a banana in your sporran or..., is there any more whisky, my tag is lame, nobody said we'd have to exercise, poor girls from buffalo, real housewives of lallybroch, sassychat, sunday funday, there was an attempt, this usually isn't my job, verra pleased with ourselves
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