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Sam Fotxtel Fan event Q&A

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ofthepeach's highlights of the Q&A after the cut. thank you peach!!

+ It was Chris Hemsworth on the flight, “I had more luggage than him, and I’m bigger than him… I’m putting that out there.”

+ “Caitriona in this season does some really big stuff.” He also praised Tobias when asked about shooting Wentworth.

+ He likes to go back to the book and reread the scene they’re shooting to add in small details to his performance.

+ Was asked a few good questions but honestly he really stumbled through them and gave non-answers. He kept saying he can’t give away spoilers (and it seemed like there was someone off stage ‘monitoring’ him.)

[Spoiler (click to open)]
+ Joked about not being able to stand next to Cait in the red dress because it was so big.

+ Jamie wears a lot of black in Paris, he’s not himself, he’s in a dark place.

+ Jamie’s a “Scotsman speaking French” he’s got an accent lol. Caitriona is great at French, she lived there for a while.

+ The prosthetic back takes about an hour laying down, about 2 hours standing up.

+ How have you and Caitriona supported each other? Said she’s so great, funny, witty, talented etc. Season 2 made them even closer because they’re on this journey together.

+ Interviewer had the gall to ask if he and Cait are dating. Audience started booing the question, very awkward. He gave the same non-answer he’s been giving “I guess you know it’s a great compliment. I guess we’ve done our job and uhh I don’t know, it’s fun. I mean but what other job do they ask you if you’re with your coworker? I know, it’s really weird. But ehhh….”

+ When you were 23, were you as confident as Jamie? He was just finishing drama school. Maybe as confident, but more foolish.

+ Did a bit of Australian accent, very funny. He said “[something something] shark.”

+ What role would you love to play? Macbeth on stage.

+ Someone made a suggestive sounding comment about his pants being tight. He stood up and adjusted them and then self-consciously kept his hands/waterbottle over his crotch. He played it off as teasing and said something about the kilt. Just absolutely gross, why do people suck so much?

+ What’s in your refrigerator? Healthy food, gin, chocolate.

+ Asked about MPC, said cancer has affected his family, but not him personally.
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