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Sam's radio interview with ABC RN

Feminist sci-fi romance, Outlander, has all the goods including Scottish actor Sam Heughan. He talks about his role in the phenomenally successful TV show.

Summary (they don't discuss s2, mostly talk in genera terms and about s1. Hope this recap is enlighting!):
- Starts with a bit of a soundbite from The Wedding *voooice porn*
- This journalist knows her stuff
- Sam explains what Outlander is about
- Discuss a lot of the romance plot and how sex is important to J&C as a mean of connecting to each other
- The journalist discusses the trope of forced marriage in romance series, and highlights the difference: the fact that Jamie is the virgin in this story
- Sam and Cait talk a lot with the writers about the love scenes, and intimacy
- "We don't let the camera turn away."
- Female gaze talk
- "We don't make the show just for women."
- He says that they try to make the show as close as possible to the books, but important to not forget that we are watching from Claire's POV
- Says that Anna Foerster is great and helped them a lot in the intimate scenes in The Wedding and in the last eps
- The journo says the show was brave to depict the sexual violence in the last episodes the way they did and says it's remarkable to see a man in this scenario instead of a woman (meaning is not common to watch it on TV)
- Sam gushes about co-stars and how they trust each other
- Sam talks about his youth in theatre and how important it was to him
- World tour talk and Outlander being at SDCC and how great it is
- The lady asks is he has seen any Jamie Fraser cosplayers and he talks about the bagpipe players that had the dance off with the sharknado crew
- "Kinda bonkers, but a lot of fun."
- The lady asks if he hopes to have the show for a long time. Sammy gets a bit evasive. /we see you Samwise
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