mandersonmsp (mandersonmsp) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Countdown: 10 Days until Season 2

Look at that eye-fucking. LOOK AT IT.

Remember when, a long, long time ago, we spent six agonizing episodes suffering through all that UST waiting for Jamie and Claire to finally bone?

What was your favorite UST moment(s), Sassies?

Which episode was off the charts as far as UST?

As always, GIFs are welcome. I like GIFs.
Tags: #pervnation, beautiful cinnamon roll, claire beauchamp randall fraser, countdown, creaturely delights, excuse me fen while i make up more tags, gif, james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser, season 1a, season 2, soft highland coo, then a thousand more (feels), xoxo gossip murtagh
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