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Outlander Style and Symbolism

TLO's second takedown is up here!
Let's discuss...

I don't have as much to add this time because there was so much going on. Who am I kidding, here is a list:

  • Bar suit, red dress, etc... lots of discussion on those and their meaning. They are refershing to look at compared to all the fussiness of other character's costumes.

  • Also as a former Japanese street fashion enthusiast, all the Rococco fashions are to die for, and were reactivating my love for Elegant Gothic Lolita aesthetics: lace, ruffles, bows, and tiered skirts. Help.

  • I have a personal (and poorly thought out) theory with purple/pink this season as being enemy colors. The Comte wears them a bit (in promo photos at least), and Jaime's old flame as well (forgot her name), alternating with the green in her dress.

  • Which got me thinking... About green. TLO rightly infer it's a Scottish color, but seeing it on this woman makes me think it means more than that. Time, maybe? She is a woman from another time in Jaime's past? Just spitballing here.

  • Of course BPC is wearing a tangerine coat in a whorehouse. Can he be any more of a joke?

  • I was more interested in the boob dress than the nipple piercings. It was so resplendent (like King Louis) in gold. Though uncomfortable. That underwire must just DIG IN.

  • I don't get men's neck stocks. Can someone explain that to me? They look uncomfortable and kind of grody. Someone with fashion history educate us.

  • And I am sorry but I really like the men's fashions A LOT. Maybe even more than the women's. Those long overcoats look so cool with the over-the-knee boots and the swords. I can't help but think of pirates and then I weep for the men of the modern era with their fear of color, embellishment, and layering.

  • The fighting practice scene was rad, it's so nice to see action like that AND women talking about waxing, AND pretty dresses!

Items I would steal from wardrobe:
- Claire's red, strappy shoes
- Jaime's over-the-knee boots
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