ofthepeach (ofthepeach) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Showrunner for the Day!: An ONTD Original

So it's been a wee bit slow round these parts so I figured we could play a quick game of "Showrunner For the Day" just for fun! (Plus fenchurchly & abeleit bullied me to bring this outta the FFA ;P)

Ok, ready? GO!

1. You get one DIA book moment to adapt verbatim… what is it?
2. You get one “do-over” scene from S1 or S2… what scene would you change?
3. You get to cut one scene from S1 or S2… which scene gets the ax?
4. You get to add one scene (either from the book or from your own imagination) to S1 or S2, time and budget is unlimited.
5. You can recast one character from the show… who would it be?
Tags: game, ron d. moore
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